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  1. Uhhhh Hun??  What\’s with the picute of the broken heart??  Everything okay??

  2. Who broke your heart?  I sure wasn\’t expecting that after watching the funny animal videos…  Hope you recover quickly!

  3. I\’m agreeing with Tess & Diane — what\’s up, Wendy? 

  4. h i rosebay i back i bin busy sowing an eat oroe i get fat lol i shud ride my back agin but the light fall off an that make me angry an i cry but uncle wilber say he fix it nex week but he old an his arthritics bad love daisy

  5. Uh oh!  I came by to say "Guess who\’s thinking about YOU?"  Here\’s hoping all is better now from whatever happened this posting day.
    Hugs Wendy,

  6. You okay darlin\’? Cryptic post here.
    Hope you are well.
    And are not all dog owners in fact owned BY their dogs???!!!!!


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