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Vacation starts NOW!

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My first official activity on vacation is writing this blog. Number two is doing a little blog walking. I haven’t gotten around too much the last few days.

I posted a photo album of the dog. It’s from July 5th. Sorry about the corny music but I couldn’t resist.    You can’t see it but he carried around a treat in his mouth the whole time, even swimming. The picture of him coming out you can see it a little bit but not as small as the album pic is. I think he was running around telling everyone in the pool "Nah Nah Nah – I got a treat – you don’t" Of course he couldn’t put it down before jumping into the pool. He did eat it shortly after getting out of the pool though. He’s a good dog and I am going to write down some stories to tell you. It’s on the ToDo list. I’ll call it Dog Tales. Haha.


So I am finishing up packing. It’s been raining almost all day. Matter of fact it’s been raining a lot the last month it seems. More than usually. Which is "ok we need the rain. We are in a drought." EVERYONE says that when it rains around here. It may be true but… IT’S MY VACATION TO THE BEACH SO STOP!" <stomps feet> Take a look for yourself Beach 


Has anyone heard about this:

Angel, Clearwater Beach prep for grand illusion

The old Clearwater Beach hotel is already loaded up with more than 500 sticks of dynamite. Angel will have less than three and half minutes to escape before that dynamite goes off.

"I have to pick my way out of the handcuffs," Angel said. "I have to go through four doors, five padlocks and up four flights of stairs up to the roof."

From the roof he’ll grab a ladder hanging from a helicopter and will be flown away to safety.

If he doesn’t make it on time, Angel will likely die in the implosion.

Criss Angel says he chose Clearwater because no other city in the country would allow him to perform the dangerous stunt.

Kinda wild huh? That only a few mile but I’m not going any where near there. No way!


Well – time to move on to a blog walk. Cheers!


VACATION TIME – minus two days and counting

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Tikibar here I come! Long time readers know that Sis and I try to take vacation once a year. But the last two years, we did not. I’m not sure what happened to 2006, Sis had personal things going. 2007 was just too weird without mom at the end and me not working at the beginning of the year. Our last vacation was to Ft Myers with King Tom. What a great memory. <sigh>

So on Thursday we take the kids and go to the beach for two days. WOO HOO! Kids will be with us Thursday but on Friday, they go home and Sis and I stay. I got a new swimsuit, hat, sun lotion, flip flops (since mine were stolen) and umbrella. That should do it for the packing. I’m ready to go. We will be right on the beach with pool, tikibar, nightclub (note to self, pack more clothes). I just can’t wait! Guess what? You can go with me since I have the laptop now. I’ll try to post from my lounge chair poolside. Love ya all!


September 7-10 – Nashville here I come. I will be attending a conference for two days in Nashville. So what I will have to spend two days in a meeting, the nights are mine!  SEe you all on Monday!  


Happy Dance!!

Nashville here I come!!!

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September 7-10 – Nashville here I come. I was told today that I will be attending a conference for two days in Nashville. So what I will have to spend two days in a meeting, the nights are mine! So I’m off to the travel guides to find out what fun things there is to do (besides the obvious).  


Happy Dance!!

Return from vacation

I had an absolutely wonderful terrific trip!! Thanks to my great friends and the new people I have met.
I thank you for your hospitality, I felt like royalty.

 More later (must work)

Vacation Days – Be back Monday

Music for the occasion


Nov. 11
Mostly Sunny
Nov. 12
Nov. 13
Partly Cloudy
Hi: 84°
Lo: 63°
Hi: 84°
Lo: 62°
Hi: 82°
Lo: 61°

A view of my destination



Well I’m off on vacation. Sure will miss checking up on all my favorite Spaces. I leave you with this thought…

Life is good.

Reunion 8/25/05

Although my pictures didn’t turn out (see the last two in the photo album), Uncle Rich was kind enough to send me some really great pictures.