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Priceless Animal Photos

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HELP!!! Someone dial 911,

I’m being mauled by a troll!’

‘I swear a Big Doberman busted in

and just tore the place up…’

How to tell when its time to make

your kids sleep in their own bed…

‘Ahhh, the fresh, relaxing aroma of feet…?’

‘Harlem Globetrotters, here I come’

Par-tay, Par-tay, Par-tay!

‘Uh, cat?  What cat?’


There’s no explaining Love.


Peace, Brother!!!

I don’t know… maybe it’s a chew toy?’

Mad Skills…

If you need assistance smiling,

there’s always help!


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  1. Awesome pics! LMAO!

  2. Heya Wendy …They’s some quite comical, and cute photos. I especially had ta laugh at the one, “Helloooo … Can You Hear Me Now?” It near looks like that little pug got his-self stuck in there, ‘n is being dragged about. Take good care Wendy, will catch ya later. {{Hugs}} ‘n Smiles …Ciao Belle

  3. Hi Wendy!Remember me? Sorry I haven\’t been around much (at all?) in so long but for the past year and a half I\’ve been in and out of ERs, ICUs and the hospital in general. I lost a few body parts and lots of weight but I\’m on the mend now. It was touch and go for awhile so I wasn\’t able to comment much but I did do a bit of posting. I\’m still at the same old address, So, time to update my space and get back into it.Loved those photos. I have cats on my space now. Photo contest winners.Take care… I\’ll be back,Bob


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