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Lil Dog decorates for Christmas

Lil dog can play fetch for hours. Even when I don’t want to play, he keeps bringing it back. We play with a stuffed toy we call “Piggy” (see the toy lamb in the photo album for the current Piggy). Piggy was his first toy when we brought him home and he always knows his stuffed toys by this name. When I am done with playing (or I should say he lets me be done), he sometimes takes to tearing the stuffing out of Piggy . So I then have little white puffs around. This morning when I got up and saw the white covered floor, I laughed thinking it was snow and he has started decorating. Maybe he is ready for the tree?



PS Just a reminder – Tis the Season for Christmas cards. I received a Hallmark card today from someone and did not click the link. Instead I went to Hallmark and sent myself a card to see what a legitimate card looks like. The one I sent myself looks nothing like the one I reveived. Snope states that Windows protection will not allow the famous Hallmark virus but why take a chance? FYI – the Hallmark card I sent myself required my last name AND it was addressed FROM my email address. You may want to try this just so you are aare of what is i your inbox. I personally use American Greetings but will opt not to send this year due to the virus threat. Happy Holidays and be careful out there.



Dog tales – The Ducks

It was a beautiful day so I asked lil dog if he wanted to go for a walk.


He looked at me and ran to get his leash and toy. So he is all set to go. – Ready mom?  – Ok let’s go but you have to leave the toy inside. – We have this discussion all the time. Usually I win but on the occasions I don’t, I end up carrying a toy with us.


The ducks looked interesting on this day. Lil dog thought he would go over and say hello. The mama duck and her two teenagers didn’t seem quite as interested in talking to him though. If you look close you can see Lil Dog is not even touching the ground he is so wanting to get there.

Mama duck didn’t really have much nice to say. But lil dog was polite and listened to her story before we moved along.               

It was a good day for a walk. On our walks we have seen rosy spoonbills wading through the water along with egrets and blue herons. 

Well I guess this post was "for the birds". Hope you enjoyed the scenery.


Kids and Dogs

Kids and Dogs
The photographer did a great job of matching up the kids and dogs. This is adorable!! 

A friend is someone we turn to when our spirits need a lift

A friend is someone we treasure for our friendship is a gift

A friend is someone who fills our lives with beauty, joy, and grace.

And makes the world we live in a better and happier place.

There is a miracle called friendship, that dwells in the heart.
You do not know how it happens or when it gets it’s start.

But you know the special lift it always brings.
You realize that friendship is the world’s most precious gift!

Talking about Rescuing canine victims of war

Poor puppies, anyone want a new pet?  



Rescuing canine victims of war

Sept. 24: From Lebanon, there is good news about a group of innocent victims of the recent war — stray dogs. NBC’s Jim Maceda reports.