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Interrupting the regularly scheduled program for the following announcement:
Pending contract on my house with a closing on 1/31/2007. WOO HOO!!!!
Now back to your regularly scheduled program.

House Woes

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It was a very interesting long 4th of July weekend. I sure missed ya’ all. I took the weekend off and never once went online.  My computer at home sucks big time and with the Spaces update, I can’t even get to my own Space any more. So the internet is going.  


So you ask, what did you do this weekend? I’m glad you asked. My very last "guest" moved out of my house on Monday. It was my step-father who is disabled and he has lived with me on and off (more on than off) since 2000. So for the first time since I was 18 years old, I live in a house all by myself. It has only been two nights so not a big deal. My house had become known as "The Inn" since any time a room opened, someone was waiting to move in.


So all day Monday and Tuesday I cleaned. Cleaned and cleaned and cleaned even more. My step-father lived in the front part of the house and I lived in the back preferring the view of the back yard as opposed to the busy street out front. He lived in his "space" for almost two years and, not wanting to invade his territory, I stayed away as much as I could. BIG mistake. I have seen cleaner bathrooms at the Chevron station.


I am also still trying to sell the house so I started the "spring" cleaning routine. You know, baseboards, windows, cupboards, walls, etc… I still have three rooms to go. I also did the lawn and trimmed the trees (hate yard work ).


My next thing to do when it is all clean is to "flip" the house around. I am going to move into the front of the house and use the back for storage. Every room will be different than it is today.


When I have finished I plan on calling a realtor (hey Nooner, can you sell in Florida?) and having it professionally listed. The house will get more exposure through mailings and internet. Then I don’t have to answer the calls either.


Just wanted to update the house saga. This Space started out to be about the house, remodeling it, decorating it but I got away from that.


To read the story on the house use the category Home Improvements and the link below is when I first started ocnsidering the sale.



a month gone by

I will be by to visit everyone soon. Until then…

Talking about color the trim

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Color the trim

Trim color. Hmmmm

So I go to the paint store and the nice lady at Ace that has been helping me says "What color today?" I told her I was looking for a brown for the trim. She didn’t like it. "Brown on yellow?" Yes I told her. I need something to tone down the room since my couch is brown. She convinced me that the sample I picked was too dark so I went lighter (Kingsport Gray HC_86). Lessons learned – Trusts Your Instincts!

So it was only a $3.50 sample so no harm done. Today I’ll go back for the darker Davenport Tan HC-76. Or maybe I’ll just take my chip and have that matched and be done with it.

I purchased the rest of the curtains last night. When I arrived they only had two sets and I needed four. Fortunately, they had stock in the back. Online order would take 4-6 weeks. uugg. Next – on to the rods.

Busy Busy

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Well the trim is painted (sort of). Hired a "friend" to do it since I was having such pain in my shoulder. Well let’s just say that there is alot of touch up to do. ugggg Will the painting ever end?

A friend came over and helped me hang the curtains. YEAH!!! They look good. Pictures to come soon.

The dining room set arrived (finally) and it is beautiful. Big china cabinet to fill up.

So what’s left – need to paint the tables, finish the mantel, put out the nick knacks and hang pictures. Detail work. Of course there is the floor to do. Well that’s the next big project.


Photos – Look at the mantel I got!!

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Well I can’t seem to get these in an album but I’ll try again another day. Look at the fireplace mantel. Cool huh? I thought the space needed something.

The lack of progress

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Is the reason I haven’t written. Apparently the painting has thrown my shoulder into some type of dis-jointed state and is very painful. Thus, the lack of progress.

I did hang two of the many suns I have in my collection. They look fabulous! I keep meaning to take a picture of them to post. I was given a small orange with gold trim sun that is a candle holder. I put that on top of the tv and it really looks good with the yellow walls.

Still trying to decide what color to paint the end tables. Red would be too much and I don’t want the trim color since it matches the couch. Don’t want the wall color and have it blending in with the walls so I need to find another color. I was considering black weathered look. hmmmm Sort of like the photo from Pottery Barn (pic in album attaching is not working).

Now I am rearranging rooms. My sister is giving me her dining room set that will be too big for the small area that is now the dining room. So the living room (towards the front of the house) is now going to be the "formal" dining room. What is now the dining area will become a utility room for washer/dryer (which is currently in the family room). I’m going to move the small table and chairs into the family room (back of the house) for a small eating area.


nearing completion

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So spent all day Friday painting. Man was I sore the next day! Took mom out Saturday then Sunday – cleaning. Could not deal with all the disorder around. Rearranged furniture. Hung a couple things on the wall. But the house is starting to look good. The trim is the last to complete. Mostly the higher trim. Damn it should have had them boys do the high stuff. The kitchen needs a second coat. I’ll do photos soon.