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Everyone needs a friend


Tigger the cat loves to horse around with with his big pal, Annie – and play nuzzle the muzzle. Their unusual relationship is talk of the barnyard at the Victoria, Australia, home of the contractor, Jack Bellman.

"Tigger is really a nasty old cat, who will bite and hisses and scratch, but he just melts around Annie," says Jack. The paddock pals bonded immediately. The 8-year old feisty feline loves to jump on the rail fence for a tete-a-tete with 2- year old Annie.

"They have formed an incredible attachment," says their owner. Tigger even sleeps in Annie’s food bin. concludes an amazed Jack, "They are real buddies."

Just goes to show that even us nasty old cats need love…


This Week in Pictures

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I found these in MSN week of pictures and thought I would share.

So why does this old song keep playing in my head? One hit wonder by Vanity Fair. "Ride, Ride, Ride, Hitching a ride, Got get me home by my baby’s side"
 So size does matter? Even a tabby cat can tree a bear.