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I am a Twitterholic

Twitter is like standing in the middle of a huge party. There are so many people with so many ideas and opinions, everyone is talking, mingling around. Now look over there in that corner. Those are the social people. They are on Twitter to meet up with friends and send greetings. There are a few of the Spaces family that pop in from time to time to post a tweet. There is a couple that I follow that are a hoot to read. They send messages back and forth even though one is upstairs and the other downstairs. A guy is sharing his baby growing up (his name is Coen and he is 3 months old @coreyanderson).

Over there is the group who join Twitter (like me in the beginning) to follow local events and news. Almost every station, news cast is on Twitter tweeting breaking news, weather, so forth. Local events such as the Super Bowl and Gasparilla posted happenings and pictures. The MOSI (Museum of Science and Industry) announces new IMAX movies and displays (Body Worlds is coming).

All around you can find groups of special interest. (Loach have you found the poker room yet?) I have a law group of lawyers, legal blogs and opinions. I even have the house sending tweets about the  votes on the floor (I’m a law geek, I know – boring). Obama was actively tweeting during his election campaign. Since he took office we haven’t heard from him but I’m sure once he settles in he’ll be back.

A group of chefs provides me with wonderful recipes that I will never cook, lol. The pictures look good though and I can drool. Ever have popcorn cauliflower? It sounded good. I have found many local people on Twitter and have been trying to get out and attend one of the local networking events and meet some new people. I am all set to go to one this week but fear with the lack of response it will be cancelled. The one in January had over 100 people at the MOSI.

There is a star factor to Twitter also. With Ashton Kutcher @aplusk and Demi @mrskutcher posting often (right now in Germany and threatening to drop a kid from the balcony like Michael Jackson – j/k look at this one too The make up artist and props guy from the series Heroes post picture and happening right from the set of the show. This is cool for me since I enjoy the show. Greg Grunberg, known as Matt on the show, also posts his happenings. Today he has a photo shoot. Music star Limp Bizkit and Dave Matthews are starting to contribute.

Then the rest of the room (or at least the major part of it) is filled with PR/Marketing people. I actually have learned so much from them. They share so freely. It has definitely started a thought process in my mind on how to market ME and my skills. I even have had thoughts formulating in my head about doing legal technology consulting. Many lawyers will scream and hide under the table if you even mention “paperless’ to them but it is oh so powerful. I never would have formulated this idea on my own. 

The tweets are full of inspirational messages, blog post, music, pictures and so much information that at first I was overwhelmed. I was unsure of how or when to Retweet. So for a while I sat and watched. Then all of sudden there was a huge following. I tell you I felt like the new girl in town being introduced to the football team. LOL I followed back all that followed me. I’m glad I did or I wouldn’t be so familiar with twitter now. I have even watched a few live broadcasts for how to use Twitter.

So what do I get from Twitter? That’s the question. For me, I am enjoying the socialization. I don’t get out much any more so it is almost like having people to talk to. I can go days without hearing a voice other than my own sometimes and quite frankly, I bore myself. As my life situation get worse it seems every turn, this is a distraction. So if you have been wondering where I have been or seen me on Twitter wonder WTH? – now you know. SO much for keeping it down to 140 characters, I think I’m over the limit here. Take care all.


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  1. I had/have a twitter but haven\’t been in only a couple of times. Maybe I should check it out again if I could remember by username and password lol.Have funHugsSherry

  2. Sounds like it could get interesting. I bore my self to sometimes too, That is when I come up with my humor. Lol Hey I hope you are havig a great week Hugs to you and may God bless.

  3. Sounds like something to check into after we get back home. Have a good day.Hugs

  4. I nteresting post, I may have to go there soon myself.Love ya,Al

  5. I joined Twitter a few months ago when my daughter told me about it and said I might like following her. I think you\’re getting even more from it than I am.

  6. I\’ve got it tucked in as an \’extra\’ Live web activity but only answer now when I find something interesting or hilarious. I know what you mean by needing something to socialise with as I\’m mostly an indoor person, now, due to disability. Live really gives me all I need. I love this site. Glad you blogged, Rosebay. Haven\’t seen you on my \’updates\’ for a while.

  7. Thanks for the walk-thru on Twitter. I have a hard enough time keeping up on LS…but it is good to know what other sites involve. Thanks for your visits and prayers in our direction.

  8. Yeah, I\’ve seen you getting around the ol\’ twitter block. I still consider myself a Twitter newbie. I didn\’t even know there were groups. Oh Great! Just what I need…something else to spend more time on the computer! LOL

  9. I can’t say as I’ve heard so much as a tweet for there bein a 140 character limit. That’d be what?? Three ‘n half, mayhap four lines?? Nary enough ta put out a decent ‘hello’. Oooops … Just checked … That’s one hunnert, forty one characters, not counting spaces. *grins … * I’ve never checked out flicker on account I have enough of a time keeping up with Spaces. Is not surprising however that Barack was tweetin through it during his campaign. What better a way to connect with the public, and to get public opinion at a time it matters most. However, and not bein much at all a bettin man, I has five bucks says he’ll not tweet so much as a chirp during his presidency. Once elected into that particular office, all personal effects, toys, all ’a whatevers ‘n whatnots are put into storage. I doubt very much that he’d even have access to his own personal wallet. As for his on-line life, could you imagine the estra workload the secret service would have keeping up with all what happ acrost his site?? I’ll be one surprised puppy if’n he interacts in ANY public websites for the next four, possibly eight years. So now … Origins of on-line handle, and dog’s name. I’ll get back to you on that. *wily snickers … * Catch ya later sweetie. Ciao Belle … Smiles ‘n {{Hugs}}

  10. Daaaaaa-aaaaamn – sounds like WAY too much to keep track of! I have a hard enough time keeping up with what I\’ve ALREADY got going!Love the pic of The Kutchers!

  11. Twitter is one of the most powerful and fun communication tools on the earth today. You can share everything from what you are eating for breakfast to finding simple answers to complicated questions from people that WANT to help with no strings attached. Twitter is about joining like minds, discovering new friends and collaborating with people. I haven\’t bothered to sign up myself. Heck, I can hardly keep up with msn spaces. Aaaargh! I am happy to hear that you are having fun with it. Good for you. :o)


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