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America’s Song


Good Luck Mr. Obama! Make us proud.


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  1. Make us proud! That is my prayer too!

  2. Good Luck and God bless!Danielle

  3. I\’ll pray and then pray some more.Love ya,Al

  4. Amen! hope all is well with you today. It is 0 degrees here today…. Bask in that sunshine for me girl. hugs, lottemae

  5. Amen to that.Darla

  6. I agree…AMEN!Hey, It got pretty cold there a few days ago didn\’t it? I couldn\’t believe it when I saw the news. I sure hope the organges didn\’t freeze!Hope you have a great weekend Rose.Take careHugsSherry

  7. I\’m so ready for some changes. How can we not be proud?


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