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Still jobless

Well as the title states, I’m still jobless. The employer told the staffing recruiter that she found someone else. I think she just didn’t want to pay the fee to the staffing agency. To state it mildly, I was so disappointed. It seemed like a perfect opportunity. But it obviously wasn’t the right job. I do have a job interview next week who wanted to interview me while I was going through the first hire process (which was never completed). This attorney is very similar to the job that didn’t go through. So let’s hope for a good interview. Sis’ job has been “delayed” and she is not sure when she will actually start working. With the unemployment rate of 7% in FL, finding jobs is difficult. The whole country is looking for work it seems.

Staying at home is getting me stir crazy. I have found a volunteer opportunity that I am going to apply for. It will keep my skills sharp, get me out and involved and help some deserving women. If it works out, I’ll let you in on the details. There is extensive training program that is only offered 4 times a year which starts next week. I’m all set up to submit the application and go through the background check and staff interview.

I saw the orthopedic doctor and he gave my knee a shot of cortisone. It’s like a miracle. Most of the swelling has gone and the pain is almost gone. I wish I could have found this doctor 4 months ago. Even a month ago would have been good. I walk with almost no limp at all.

Final thought, let sleeping dog lie…


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  1. Sorry about the job, I know it hurts, but maybe this next interview will be the one. Good luck with the volunteer work.

  2. Good luck with the next interview. It\’s bad all over and so many people are losing their jobs. It\’s just terrible in our area.Happy to hear your knee feels better.HugsSherry

  3. We have taken major hits on the employment scene here too. There are lumberjacks and construction workers applying at Dairy Queen. Seems surrealistic.Love Ya,Al

  4. So sorry the other job fell through. That employer should forget about using an agency if she\’s not willing to pay their fees. But good luck with the next one. You go girl, on the volunteering opportunity. You never know what may become of that.

  5. Lizzie-Beth4Him

    My thoughts are along the line of what Cindy said. This may open doors to new opportunities in a direction you didn\’t consider before. Please keep us informed. My prayers continue. So glad the cortisone is making a difference. What a sweetheart…lying there.

  6. Wendy, so sorry to hear you\’re still jobless! Best of luck with the next interview. That\’s great news about your knee. Why didn\’t someone think of corisone before?

  7. Adorable pooch and so innocent. Good luck with this new job interview. You\’llace it I\’m sure. Glad to hear your knee feels better. Send some of that warm airup here :)Hugs, Darla

  8. Honey I am so very very sorry things worked out that way. But like you, I have hope that the right job is in the wings and more still, you will find it and it will find you. One way or another. Thank heavens for your knee being better. Mine worked out to OK but mine was just a simple injury. YOU have gone through the wringer.

  9. Oh, sorry you did not get that job. How wrong and cheap not to pay a fee for the staffing agency. These jobs that look for people to do work for nothing. That is not the way it is especially for a person with termendous experience, skill, and qualities. I hope you get a better job. it is good to stay busy volunteering while looking for work. Who knows? You might learn a new trade and opportunites. Good luck with it all!

  10. Me too! we\’ll just hang tough and get through it. Hugs and prayers to hon.

  11. Keep your head up (and mine too). The volunteer work is win-win.

  12. Fools! Fools! All of them fools! They don\’t know what they are passing by. Hope the volunteer work leads you down a new and exciting career path. Glad the cortisone helped too! Pain sucks! Little doggie looks sooo cute! Love the way his tongue is just peeking out. Darling!

  13. ╰☆Chloe☆╮

    Cheer up~~~~~wish u~~~~

  14. Hope everything works out for the best, Wendy. I\’m keeping my fingers and toes crossed for you. HugsL e e

  15. Their loss. not yours!! Chin up. Tomorrow is another day and another day will follow… more opportunities are out there. Sometimes patience doesn\’t always roar. Sometimes it\’s the quiet voice at the end of the day that says: "I\’ll try again tomorrow." Two thumbs up and good luck with your volunteer opportunity. We often take for granted the very things that most deserve our gratitude…. our volunteers!!I am very happy to hear that your knee is on the mends and that even if not for now… you are pain free. :o)


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