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Well… What a week it has been. This new job is turning out to be a real blessing. See, I haven’t been the only one looking for a job. Sis has been looking too. Up until now she has been working out of her home as a property appraiser. It has been great for her to be able to work from home and be there for the kids. But with the housing sales down, she has gone from two employees to just herself and started looking for employment. She believes she has a position that may start as soon as January 15th. But that also would mean that the kids would have to go to after care until she was off of work. Well as it turns out, my job is only part time for a while. Business is slow but I will work up to full time when needed. BUT the pay is higher than my last job so I will be making about the same money (can’t beat that, right?). Now my new office will be only 5 minutes from the kids school. So, since I will get off work at 3:00 and the kids need to be picked up by 3:15 – you guessed it! – Aunt Wendy will be able to pick up the kids and save Sis $400 a month!  WOO HOO! She has been so much help to me these last few months that I am now blessed with the chance to return – Pay it forward – right Morbid?

Look up in the sky folks – the stars are beginning to align. It is such a blessing to us all that this job came through.

Speaking of Sis, I started working on her Birthday present. Not much money be here is my thought… She turns 40 this year. So I am gathering “Cougar” (as in the Demi Moore fame – see Today Show) items for her as a joke gift. I am making her a T-shirt with the Cougar logo, got a movie, a song, a drink and I am sure I will find a few more goodies. Just fun ribbing and much better than the old stand by Over The Hill. No she doesn’t date younger men and yes she is single, beautiful and very independent. Go read the article.


I’ve been playing with the different blogs and posting sites that I have joined, often to keep in touch with one or more friends that has moved off of Spaces. So I discovered some cool things. Live Writer will publish to Spaces and also to Blogger and notify Twitter. Twitter also will update your Facebook status. Now if I could figure out My Space into the mix, I won’t be running around. Pretty slick I think. I haven’t really kept up with these other sites like I do here in Spaces which will always be my favorite but this will certainly help. The main advantages of Live Writer is that don’t disappear and the pictures upload automatically. I also found that the new version of Live Writer is you can get to you stats in a click, to the What’s New page and view the html code.

Well I am getting here late today so I will probably visit tomorrow. Have a great night all.

Thanks to everyone for the positive thoughts and prayers – it really worked!


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  1. It sounds like everything is working out perfectly. Hooray for that.Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

  2. Congratulations to both you and your sis! Sounds like it\’s all coming together for you. I\’m sure the kids would rather be with aunt Wendy anyway. I love the idea of the cougar gifts, she will get a giggle out of those I\’m sure..I use live writer too and really like. It\’s much easier then trying to write your blog right on your site. And besides, there are so any more options in there for ya. I love all the font choices it has.Ok, have a good night.HugsSherry

  3. Glad your job is everything you wanted and glad you like it. I hope Sisloves your birthday gift, it sounds fun.Hugs, Darla

  4. wow….what a great way to start off the new year… it forward in deed…I firmly believe how we treat good times and in bad comes back to us in some form. Congrats to you and your sister.Have a great weekend.

  5. Wow! So glad things are finally working out for both of you. God knows I always try to be positive in all things, but sometimes one does have a few doubts. HugsL e e

  6. I am so happy for both of you for having new jobs. That\’s the way it is… when someone is fortunate to help a person and when that person needs assistance, they would recieve it. As for the receiver: one should not feel bad about recieving help for anyone (except if the person is shaddy or their intention doubtful) because one day you will either return it by helping out or by helping others. That is so great that you could help her save money. It helps a lot! Hope you find all the things you need to make her 40 birthday nice & memberable. 🙂 Take care..

  7. If you need photos of Cougars (as in Mountain Lions) let me know I have a few.Love ya,Al

  8. That does sound realy good for you with the job and I\’m sure glad to hear it. I personally really like Live Writer and have used it consistently for quite a while but I don\’t think I know all the features. I messed around a bit with blogger yet I still don\’t think too much of it. I just found it fairly user unfriendly. I like to have music and do that the way I\’ve been doing it and that hasn\’t really worked for me. Keeping multiple blogs won\’t be my thing…tried it once and found it too much to keep up with but I\’m glad you have found a method to the madness out there!

  9. Congratulations! You diserved the chance to clean up the legal "system." Your positive energy helps us all. Be well.

  10. A new job means the beginning of a journey with newer opportunities and scopes! I do believe that a huge CONGRATULATIONS are in order for the new job… change of pace for you both! May every day in your new job be the rich, rewarding kind, and may there be no limit to the happiness you find. Gotta love the \’Cougars\’. :O) Purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

  11. I am so glad to hear all is well in Fla. Sounds like a Great start to \’09! Good on ya!Sorry I don\’t visit more often.Luv, Poop!

  12. A happy accident led me here today. It\’s great to hear that things are going well for you… as if I ever doubted you.Ignore this email address, it\’s a throw away. I\’m still at the old address, should you be so inclined.six

  13. Congrats… hey … I did not know we had the same profession… cool beans! I sure am glad that things are working out … I have been super busy… sorry I have missed much lately… but my friends are never really far out of my thoughts! I hope you had terrific holidays and that \’09 has you feelin\’ fine!!Take good care of yourself… VIRTUAL HUGS !

  14. So good to know these things. I have other sites as well. I can\’t keep all of them up…well, heck. Can\’t even keep one of them up…LOL Cougar gifts will be fun for her. Hugs,Linda


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