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New Year

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Just kidding, not. I had a wonderful night but I did feel a bit like the picture.


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  1. I look like that picture every morning, yeah, I scare myself sometimes, LOL!Love ya,Al

  2. oh boy that is never good! Hope you feel better. Happy 2009!Danielle

  3. Have a great day and good luck on the new job!!

  4. I feel a bit like that picture too though it was more with the hour I stayed up to rather than some huge alcohol soaked binge LOL! Blessings to you my friend.

  5. Love the pic, hope you feel a little better soon. Rest and relaxfor the rest of the day.Hugs, Darla

  6. Dear Rosebay -Happy belated New Years 2009!!! It sounds like you had a mellow new year as I did. We just stayed home on new years eve and went out to dinner the night before to avoid the crowds and crazier than me people. :-)Happy 2009, May it bring you much love and rewards!!!Warmly – Stephen

  7. Love the pic and I feel like that every morning. But I get over it within 5 minutes or so.Hugs always,

  8. I feel like that morning noon and night lol. Love your pic of you that you have on here. It\’s very nice.HugsSherry

  9. Lizzie-Beth4Him

    I was laughing out at the picture…loved it. Glad you had a wonderful evening…we did too.

  10. Then you know you had fun and thats all that matters!!All the best to you in 2009 too my friend.

  11. There is something very special about New Years. It begins everything anew. We can all start over with a clean slate and make the next year as fabulous as we want to. It\’s a new beginning and time to take stock in what we\’ve learned, earned, and lost and give praise and Thanks to God for making it through another year by His good graces.HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!!!!!!!!


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