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Merry Christmas!!!



As cute as he looks in his Christmas hat, he some how reminds me of the Grinch dog…

  I guess that makes me Grinch, LOL.





  Here’s some entertainment for you…

  Maxine’s Night Before Christmas




Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas!!!


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  1. That is one cute dog and surely does look like the Grinche\’s dog LOL! Merry Christmas to you too!

  2. your dodg does look like max! That was really a cute video.Danielle

  3. I\’ve never heard Maxine\’s voice before…not as gravelly as I expected! LOLCute little pooch there. Merry Christmas to both of you…

  4. I love the Maxine video!!! The dog picture is adorable.

  5. I loved the Maxine video, thanks for sharing, hugs, A

  6. Your little dog looks so sweet and does look Grinchy. lol, hugs

  7. That is one of the cutest pictures ever of your doggy. LOL Wishing you and your family a most blessed Christmas and a very Happy New Year! xo T~

  8. He is sooooo cute. There is no way in H E Dbl hockey sticks that Gunner would allowme to put something like that on his head. Have a great Holiday.Darla

  9. Awwwww! Little Jaeger is adorable! And he\’s so patient for you to take his picture. Love the Maxine video, she is a hoot! A blessed Christmas toyou my friend!

  10. Aww, cute. Merry Christmas.Hugs,Linda


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