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Finding new blog posts easier

I have been experimenting so if you’ve seen me on your Space without a comment, I was looking around. I have two solutions to finding new blogs that I want to share. One is to add your friends RSS Feed to Nice thing about My Live is you can see all your favorite blogs on one page!! I have found that only a few of you do not allow the RSS Feed but I will go through how to be sure it is on. The other is to sign up for Alerts. Both require the blog owner and visitors to set up the access. 


Owners this action allows allows your reader easy access to your Space updates, so please… pretty please… 

1.  Go to your Space and click on Customize

2.  Click on Modules

3.  Show the Visitors Tools – please leave it at the top someplace (mine is under the title and tagline)

4.  Save and you are done


RSS Feed

1.  First owners turn on the RSS Feed:

Go to:    Spaces – Options – General

Syndicate this space

Choose whether to syndicate your space.

Syndicate this space

Syndication url will be

If you syndicate your space, it can be read by news readers and aggregators and people who use Windows Live Alerts can choose to be notified when your space is updated.

2.  Go to the Space you want to see updates for

3.  Then add the feed to one of two ways:

a. Click on Add to Live from the Visitors Tools

b. If the Visitors Tools is not showing — Under your sign in on the right top click Tools



Click Add to My Live

4.  Want to know who updated? Go to From there you can see the past five blogs, hover over the “more” to get a snap shot of the blog entry or click on the title to go to blog. Of course you can click on the name and go to their Space. As I said, you can see all your favorite Spaces on one page – cool!!!

I’ll be sending private messages to those who have it turned off and ask if they would turn it on. Don’t be afraid to say no, I’ll still get there to read your blogs. 🙂



This way really needs the cooperation of the blog owners by adding the Visitor Tools (instructions above) and I am asking everyone to add this to make life in Spaces much easier.

1. Click on the Alerts button

2. Decide where you want your updates to go – messenger and/or mail

  NOTE — If you are the owner click on Alert and be alerted about new comments!!

Ok  I know these instructions are cryptic and I would be happy to walk anyone through any of this. Send me an IM or email me (same address). I just know we can make this easier…


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  1. you are a friggin genius!Danielle

  2. I will get crackin\’ here in a bit and see if I can do something!!

  3. I shall play with this in a bit. Thank you for your efforts.Love ya,Al

  4. You rock girlfriend. Now, if I can just follow instructions without screwing up! Hugs

  5. Yes, you are on my alerts and I get an email everytime someone updates that is on my alerts. I also have some on RSS feed and some on the google reader. I did find as you did that not everyone allows alerts or feeds.

  6. I\’m going to copy and paste this in Notebook, because I\’ll never remember how to do all the steps…Thanks for your effort…

  7. I think I did this but have had spotty success with others. It\’s like don\’t always receive an alert when I should as others have mentioned. It still seems there should be a better way to keep track of people. Using MSN Live Messenger to keep track of people helps some too but using them all? My gosh that seems that someone would find a way to conglomerate all of it to one simple interface don\’t you think? I guess we can hope for it LOL!

  8. Will have to work on it when I get everything else figured out. Had to tell you that the pictureis so adorable. I have seen it before in emails and it is still the best one out there.Hugs, Darla

  9. Rosebay -Thanks for the very informative post!!! I used a couple of your tips for my own use. It\’s weird I see everyone else\’s space in the new format but not my own and that\’s when I\’m not even logged in. I like the new format but it will take some getting used too to say the least. :-)Warmly Your Friend -Stephen

  10. thank you for the information. I have also used a couple of the tips for myself. Your tips have definately helped me thank you.

  11. Dropping by your space to say hello and to check in with you. I trust that all is well. I do hope that this upcoming week goes smooth for you.Cool…. going to have to check this out further. Thanks for sharing. :O)


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