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Lil Dog decorates for Christmas

Lil dog can play fetch for hours. Even when I don’t want to play, he keeps bringing it back. We play with a stuffed toy we call “Piggy” (see the toy lamb in the photo album for the current Piggy). Piggy was his first toy when we brought him home and he always knows his stuffed toys by this name. When I am done with playing (or I should say he lets me be done), he sometimes takes to tearing the stuffing out of Piggy . So I then have little white puffs around. This morning when I got up and saw the white covered floor, I laughed thinking it was snow and he has started decorating. Maybe he is ready for the tree?



PS Just a reminder – Tis the Season for Christmas cards. I received a Hallmark card today from someone and did not click the link. Instead I went to Hallmark and sent myself a card to see what a legitimate card looks like. The one I sent myself looks nothing like the one I reveived. Snope states that Windows protection will not allow the famous Hallmark virus but why take a chance? FYI – the Hallmark card I sent myself required my last name AND it was addressed FROM my email address. You may want to try this just so you are aare of what is i your inbox. I personally use American Greetings but will opt not to send this year due to the virus threat. Happy Holidays and be careful out there.



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  1. It is sad that one can\’t accept Christmas cards online without worrying about things like viruses!

  2. Viruses are surely the bane of all things Internet but I surely love the cartoon you\’ve got up there LOL!

  3. I think we all have to worry about virues no matter what. Glad you wrote about this. My Cat Freddie plays fetch. I have never seen a cat do this before. Thanks for stopping . Have a Great Day. I better get some more work done.The blog I posted I did a few years ago too. Changed somethings also.

  4. That cartoon is hilarious! My dog just plays tug a war and only with me. I never send ecards so I get to skip this round of virus. Thanks againfor your help with my site.Danielle

  5. The cartoon is so cute.Thank you for the warning about the Hallmark card.

  6. Dustydog actually has her own toy box, she carefully picks out the toys she wants. Still not trained to put them back yet though…LOL

  7. LOL! Cute! xo T~


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