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Well it seems many of you are covered in snow (sorry I’m baskin away in 70 degrees and sunshine – gotta brag). So I thought I would bring a little romance to the snow. So loved from the past I had a friend ask for it. It was hard to find I tell you, only found on two sites and neither one of them was You Tube. This little video is wonderful. Please watch it. It’s another favorite of mine. 


Shivelry is a story about love, loneliness and a quest for happiness. It’s a story of self-sacrifice, a story demonstrating the lengths to which one will go to for love. Most of all, it’s a story everyone can relate to.

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  1. Absolutely stunning! I love it.

  2. Lizzie-Beth4Him

    Awwwwwwwwww! I\’ve never seen it before and thought it was lovely…thanks for sharing it. HUGS.

  3. what a beautiful Video, elegent animaton adn interesting story. i love it too.

  4. I\’ll head over there and have a look.My family used to come and see us all the time when I lived in Palm Bay. Wonder why??? 🙂

  5. I do like short animated films. This was very well done. They couldn\’t have picked better music for this film.

  6. The video is adorable. So sweet, really makes you feel good inside. Thank you for posting it!

  7. A woderful little video.Love ya,Al

  8. 70 degrees I am so jealous of you right now!Danielle

  9. Yeah I guess we will alow you bragin rights. How ever it was 60 here. Hope you have a great weekend hugs to you and may God bless

  10. Giving a simple gift of a flower opens hearts as well as petals. Looks like s nice day at St Pete Pier. Stay positive. We all will keep an eye out for you, just like Frosty did."

  11. 70 degrees? I don\’t think I\’ll be seeing that for months to come…thanks for sharing that…LOL! If I still lived in the tropics I\’d be able to compete with you but here in Northwester US? I don\’t think so!

  12. I love the puppy of the day!


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