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A week in review

Now this is the perfect graphic for my prayer below. Thanks Grumps


It’s been a busy week but uneventful. Lil dog and I had our turkey and went to the lake. Since I can’t walk him as much I have started taking him to the lake behind my apartment. He chases the ducks into the lake then goes in after them. The swimming is good for him. And you know he will never catch one of the ducks, but don’t tell him that.

We have had absolutely beautiful weather this past week. A bit chilly this morning (50 as I write) but much better than snow. The nice weather is only contributing to my "cabin fever" and I want to get out and walk.

I was fortunate that Friday after Thanksgiving my friends all came over and were here most of the day then on Saturday I had a friend from out of town that left on Sunday. We went out on Saturday for a nice drive and lunch and went to listen to music on Saturday night. The food at the place Saturday night made my tummy upset on Sunday (I had shrimp stuffed with grouper) so I was kinda glad company left early Sunday morning.  Monday I went to two job interviews. Today I hope to catch up with everyone. So that was my week…

My knee envy continues to grow. I went to my doctor last week and he states the knee will not get much better without more treatment. Since that is not possible, I am pushing on through the pain and limp. Some days are really good and then there are the bad days. Sounds about normal, right. I actually wore heels yesterday, felt really weird. I have always worn heels, even with with jeans but I’ve been in flats since the knee.

Still looking for work, been on a couple of interviews each week with placement services. Hoping they have better luck finding me a job then I have had. I was reading an article about job hunting and it stated that if looking for a job paying $40,000 expect to be looking for at least 3 months and for every $10,000 above that you add another month. YIKES!!! I really have only been looking for about 3 weeks since I left the last job. My neighbor worked for placement service for three years and he has offered to help brush up my resume. Uggg!! I hate having to re-write it but I am not reaching my target market. All the responses I get I am not truly qualified for. I just have the wrong key words so back to the drawing (writing) board.

Today is my son’s birthday. He is 25 years old. HEY!!! I’M NOT OLD ENOUGH FOR A CHILD THAT OLD!! NOT FAIR! haha

Here we are 25 years ago. He weighed 5.5 pounds. My little bundle of pure joy! 

Happy Birthday Christian.

Your mother is very proud of the man you are.


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  1. Happy Birthday Christian.  You and mom look good in the picture!
    Good luck with the job hunting.  I hope the market opens up soon as it seems everything is frozen and those with jobs are hanging tight.  At times like these, I am glad to be retired.

  2. Happy Birthday Christian!  I am sorry your knee is still a problem for you and I hope the job hunt gets better.  I promise not to tell lil dog he will never catch a duck.  Sounds like you had a lot of fun with your friends.

  3. Happy Birthday to Christian!  They do grow up fast.  I\’m so sorry you\’re still having problems with your knee.  Hope you find the right job and soon!  Hugs

  4. Wow, you were glowing then too!  You know why he\’s so handsome?  Because his Mom had great eggs!  I\’m sure he\’s aware of the love you have for him.  You give a lot to so many.  God does remember!  Sending you positive vibes Wendy, C

  5. I surely wish you the best of success with your job searching.  I love the picture you\’ve got there…you both look amazing.  Grace to you my friend.

  6. Happy Birthday of my sons shares your name.  LOve your mom, \’cause she sure loves you. 

  7. I\’m with ramblin\’, glad to be retired.  Hope you have success real soon and that darn knee gets better.  Happy Birthday to Christian.  Neat picture.  Being quiet about Lil dogs duck hunt.  SHHHHH!

    You\’ve always worn heels with jeans???
    How come I didn\’t know this before?
    Hey, don\’t tell me this — it\’s only mid-day and I really shouldn\’t be thinking the excitable thoughts that I\’m thinking .. HaHa.
    Congrats on your 25 year old. I can see how proud you are — that\’s wonderful!!!
    Stay well, please.

  9. Lizzie-Beth4Him

    What a precious picture of you and your son!  Happy Birthday to Christian too!  Wait till your son is in the late thirties…you really won\’t believe it then…lol.  I misunderstood about you having a job and will be praying much as you get your resume spiffed and out. 
    It sounds like you had a great weekend with friends, and Lil dog looks so happy being out and about at the lake, and will never hear from me on not being able to catch the  If you think 50 is chilly I don\’t think you\’d want to be up here.  We are often below zero.  Have a lovely rest of your week.  Hugs.

  10. Happy Birthday Christian, this is a sweet picture. Blessings to you both, hoping that knee lets up on the pain and you\’ll soon have the job you want.  hugs

  11. I\’m very familiar with the \’Good day…. Bad day\’ thing!!  I hope you have MANY more Good than Bad!!
    What kind of dog did you give your son??  I\’m thinking….Ummm, Dachshund??  LOL!
    VERY cute picture!!!!!!!  Try to take care of that knee!

  12. ╰☆Chloe☆╮

    Coz Im using my cellphone to leave a message I cant see the pics:( But through ur description I can imagine a pic vividly u r walking ur puppy and he is chasing the ducks~~ Maybe its late but Happy birthday to ur son.And u must be a great mum~Hope u all Ok~ sincerely sunshine


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