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I Believe in Miracles


Good morning all,

I was looking around the internet and Stupid Videos when I found my all time favorite video. The link is up there at the top just in case you came in through the back door. This video was the first video I ever put here. For those who remember the dark ages, getting videos was not an easy task. This was before You Tube and many of the others. Now it sooo much easier.

Speaking of making things easier, how many of you have tried Live Writer? How many of you have written a blog just to watch it dissappear? Well Live Writer eliminates that problem. If you add pictures to your blogs, as most of us do, the pics upload without having to first add then to an album. It also has spell check. So if you haven’t tried it yet, do so and let me know what you think.

Speaking of miracles, my knee is improved this week. It may be due to not working this week therefore not swelling. I like to think it is because of all of you sending positive waves, through prayer and well wishes. I can actually bend my knee! Positive thoughts work, thank you all.

Speaking of music, I’m going to see the Doobie Brothers today (rain permitting). The annual Ribfest is today. I can’t wait to get some of that good food, elephant ears, cotton candy, lemonade, beer proceeds go to the children’s hospital so I will be making my contribution, and of course, ribs. Mmmmmmmmmmm

Have a good weekend all!


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  1. ╰☆Chloe☆╮

    I haven`t use Live Writer yet~Let me tried it afterwards.
    Hey~Have a good day!
    P.S.I believe in miracles too.

  2. Glad to hear the knee is better.  The Doobie Bros and Ribfest sound like a great combination! Would love to be there – have fun.  Hugs

  3. Heehee, thanks for the laugh, great video! I use Live Writer beta, never had a problem with it, glad you are on the mend.

  4.   poor mouse…. but glad to hear the the knee is improving..xdrew

  5. I\’m so glad to hear that your knee is improved!  That really is an answer to prayer!  I\’ve heard some hate about LiveWriter but I live by that program when I\’m blogging.  It\’s not let me down at all and seems easily able to handle all that I\’ve wanted it to do so far.  I hope you have a great time weather permitting.  God bless!

  6. Good news that your knee is improving.
    While you are enjoying all of that good food we will be having a cold windy day here in the heart of the midwest.

  7. HMMM…Ribs and Beer…A good way to a Gator\’s heart. Have fun.

  8. Glad to hear your knee is better.  Beer and ribs sound really good.  Thank you for your visit and your comment.
    Love ya,

  9. Love the video! I needed a good laugh. Glad to hear good news about the knee. Please don\’t overdo it at the Ribfest. But, have a beer for me!

  10. Huge grin at this end that you have noticed improvement.  I\’m sure the things you have mentioned, including resting it, helped.  Have a great time and let us know how it all went.  I do hope you take pictures.  The Doobie Brothers bring back memories of old.
    The only problems I have had with Live Writer are those of my own ignorance.  I really like the improvements in the newest addition and hope to figure them all out eventually.  Using Live Writer, for me, is so much easier that the regular blog features.
    Have a good weekend, Wendy.

  11. Hi Hon.  I am in the knee hurt mode also from my accident last Saturday a weeks ago.  I\’ll swell and hurt with ya for company.  :-)I occasionally remember to use live writer.  It is nice.  Several blog family can tell when I do. 

  12. Have a BLAST at the Doobie Bros. concert and eat a few ribs for me. 🙂 So glad your knee is improving, Wendy!
    Take pics, too! Ya know I do. ( LOL ).
    Until next time..Keep smiling.

  13. ╰☆Chloe☆╮

    Yes as you said my dream school is beautiful.Though my own school is also pretty but it`s not the same style.Anyway many thanks for your comments.;)Good luck to you my friend.

  14. Yeyeye…very delicious and we ate a lot , after that we went shopping.I bought a pair of jeans and very like it.Hahah…Tomorrow I\’m going to wear it~~~(*^__^*) …
    I\’m really appreciate your comments, which makes me practise English all the time.Thanx!

  15. mmm, yummy, eat some of that good food for me too… and take good care of yourself. hugs, lottemae

  16. This is so FUNNY! That is the creepiest lookin\’ mouse ever!  What\’s with the cheese and why does he make those big eyes? Bwahahahah!!
    I will have to check out Live Writer, as I have not yet.  I am really happy to hear that your knee is slowly getting better and that you have had less pain this week.  :O) 
    I truly don\’t care what anybody says…you can\’t appreciate the 70\’s without appreciating The Doobie Brothers!!!! ENJOY!  ENJOY!
                                                   \’\’~“                                              ( o o )+——————–.oooO–(_)–Oooo.——————–+|                                                                                                   ||       |
    |                                                                                                   ||   Seth was                 .oooO                 Be Back Soon!          |   
    |     here!!!                     (   )   Oooo.                                         |+————————\\ (—-(   )————————-+                                          \\_)     ) /                                                  (_/

  17. Thank you!!  We are OK and things are calming down.  New fires are still popping up but the winds have mostly ceased.  They have arrested one idiot for arson and another 5 for looting.  So sad!
    It\’s been awhile.  Sorry about your Rays but happy for my Phils!!  I was torn!  Maybe they will meet again next year.
    Take care and enjoy the rest of your weekend.

  18. I\’ve used the live writer on my other computer so I need to get it downloaded onto this one.  Glad the knee is feeling a bit better.  That food does sound good right now.

  19. Thank you Wendy!!  I just added some new photos.  So sad!

  20. Hey Wendy!! No, I have never heard of the Christmas gift game, but it sure does sound interesting and fun. I do use the live writer and I like it because yes, I have written a blog and one minute it\’s there and the next it\’s gone. Glad to hear the knee is doing better!! Snow flurries are here, I will be thinking of you and the 80 degree weather…. take care


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