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You know you are too old to Trick or Treat when

You know you are too old to

Trick or Treat when:


10. You get winded from knocking

on the door.


09.  You have to have another kid

chew the candy for you.


08.  You ask for high fiber candy



07.  When someone drops a candy

bar in your bag, you lose your

balance and fall over.


06.  People say: "Great Boris Karloff Mask,"

and you’re not wearing a mask.


05.  When the door opens you yell, "Trick

or …."  and can’t remember the rest.



04.  By the end of the night, you have

a bag full of restraining orders.


03.  You have to carefully choose a

costume that won’t dislodge your




02.  You’re the only Power Ranger in

the neighborhood with a walker.


And the number one reason Seniors

should not go Trick Or Treating…







01.  You keep having to go home to pee.

No matter, have a HAPPY HALLOWEEN




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  1. Thank you for starting my day with a laugh.
    Love ya,

  2. That was funny.  Still have couple years I can go yet, though. lol  Have a good day.

  3. It\’s all true…darnit.  🙂
    Thanks for the laugh.
    How are feeling these days?
    Sorry about the Rays. 
    And can you believe it…we have snow here in Ottawa already.
    Too darn early for winter!!!

  4. Now why did you have to go and write a blog about me?  LOL

  5. Thanks for my morning chuckle!  Haven\’t seen ya for awhile.  Hope all\’s o.k. with you.  Hugs

  6. That was funny!!!  I\’ve not seen that before.

  7. Thanks for the smile.  I\’m laughing so hard I lost my teeth.  Just like in #9  Hope you have a great day.  Hugs to you and May God Bless

  8. ahaha, nice blog. have a smile to start the day off. 🙂 see ya around.

  9. Very funny and true too. Teresa

  10. a good Halloween laugh…but, I still want my candy…lol…maybe the soft kind…

  11. Lizzie-Beth4Him

    Those are the exact reasons I don\’t go out and prefer to watch the young\’uns have their day.  Besides… just eating sugar makes me have to take a two hour nap.  =D

  12. If you don\’t mind I would like to use this as my joke of the day tomorrow at work.
    Good stuff.
    Have a blessed weekend.

  13. Hey girl… totally take all the fun out of it!!  Gosh… I was going to run the young ones down with my walker tonight!!
    Love ya
    Virtual hugs~

    HaHaHa at the pee item.
    Guess what happens to me now…
    I no longer drink hard alcohol but I do drink beer. Damn beer … For those times when I drink about 3, I begin feeling I have to go to the bathroom to pee. Once I start, I seem to feel I have to go about every 10 minutes thereafter. Must be age. I can\’t remember doing that when I was as young …. as you (lol). 48 did I read? What a perfect age. C\’mere, you.

  15.    To cute!!!! I\’m not old as dirt yet, but I can relate.
       For all the oldtimers that couln\’t get out last night, they can pop over to my house and get their sugar highs.
       Would like to invite you to join my friends list.
     Hope you are having a very blessed weekend.~Hugs~Marilyn~ 

  16. Hiya Hun:
    I just wanted to let you know that I\’m shutting down my space.  I have saved a couple of my friend\’s spaces to my desktop so that I\’m able to pop in on them to see how they\’re doing and your space is one of the one\’s that I have saved.
    This will be a very hard thing for me to do, because I will miss everyone terribly; but, it\’s time.  I just don\’t have the strength anymore to blog or visit friends and it makes me feel guilty.  I\’m hoping that eventually I\’ll be able to reopen my space and if I do, I\’ll come right over and let you know.
    Hugs and Love,

    Oh, damn it. I was here already yesterday. I don\’t want to blow it and seem like I\’m stalking. But, I thought with Halloween and all I could sneak in a second time in just a day of my last visit and pretend I was looking to see if you had any leftover candy.

  18. Hello to you!   :O)
    Dropping by your space to give you a big HELLO and to see what may be new with you.  I do hope that you had a relaxing weekend.  How I wish that the weekends were longer.  I trust that you survived yet another Halloween.  You have a great upcoming week.  Cheers to you!

  19. hahaha, so cute series, i didn\’t go out but i like kids come to my place, as it was too cold to came out to trick other, i have to call them to pick up, special Halloweeen in arctic.
    take care 


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