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Good afternoon, Friends. So you would think that since I am home every day I would have so much time on my hands I would be posting and visiting more often. I wish I was. Between pain and feelings it has been hard but let me give you an update of what’s happening. Let’s give it a go…

I’ve been watching the neighborhood, which I couldn’t do while at work, and seen some interesting happenings. I keep seeing this woman, about 60 I would guess, and she comes by to steal plants out of my garden. Now mind you, I know it is growing and has great plants. And I am willing to share. I worry though because she is pulling them off the wall they grow on and disturbing the roots. I don’t want to disrupt what is left after all. Then there is the foreign lady from down the hall. She walks by my porch several times a day. Every time she does, lil dog barks. He is a dog and dogs bark. So one day she stops at the door and says to him "I skin you, I shin you, I skin you." I’m thinking language barrier and that can’t be what she is really saying. The next time she comes by I was on the porch and she tells me her scares her. I think to myself, ’cause and effect lady’. Lil dog always barks at her. Now there is no one lil dog doesn’t like and usually once he gets used to a person walking by he stops barking at them. This makes me wonder, maybe he knows something I don’t.

Saturday the power went out for a few hours. Not sure why, no storms. Not a big deal though it was during the day and I went out and sat with neighbors at the pool. Now while the power is off the fire alarm across from my door beeps. Beep Beep Beep. Try listening to that for hours. I could still hear it at the pool. Finally the lights came back on. About an hour after that the fire alarms go off. LOUD SCREACHING PIERCING sound. So I get lil dog and out we go to the parking lot. Fire drill time. I know if the sound was hurting my ears it had to be hurting lil dog. So we walked to the other side of the complex and waited. The fireman showed up (yep, me without a camera and firemen around). They get the alarm shut off. Seems the power coming back on shorted out the fire alarm box. Then the Beep Beep Beep is back. OMG, called the maintenance guy over he shut it off – it started again Beep Beep Beep, after three times is was finally off for good and now it is getting late.

Good thing about Saturday is the rays won in over time in one of the longest baseball games ever. Five hours and 27 minutes long (no I did not watch it all), Started at 8:30 and ended at 1:30 in the morning. You could tell those guys were beat. Score Rays 9 Boston 8. Ringing the cowbell here. How proud the Cowbell Kids would be of me…

As for the knee… No better. The swelling now extends from the middle thigh down to the arch in my foot. Mornings are the worse. So afternoons is when I can get up and get around. Ibuprofen helps, a lot. I can’t work with it this way. I get bored then aggravated. I can’t stand just sitting here but don’t want to do anything else. I think of all things I want to do, need to do but can’t. But today I have a different view on things… I’m sitting on the other couch. haha

Well I have bored you all enough, I’m sure. I’ll try to drop by this week for a visit with you all. Take care and be well.


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  1. That sounds weird…stealing your plants, get a shotgun …Lol.You are lucky, Cubs went straight out! 😦

  2. Not boring.  And you are still in my prayers.  Many hugs to you

  3. never a time am I bored.
    and I do agree to get a shotgun…hehe

  4. What is the thinking about your leg from the doctor?  Is there anything that can be done?

  5. Yes..what has the doctor said about your leg?  I hate that it\’s still that bad.You can do it with compassion and kindness but the old lady needs to be confronted.  If you could just be where she doesn\’t see you and then when she steals them, appear so as to speak to her, that would be good.  (Then she can\’t say she didn\’t do it).  But you know the drill…say how nice it is that she appreciates the flowers and then say what you did to us about the root systems, and then ask how you can \’help\’ her get started with her own cuttings or something.  It\’s always something isn\’t it?  That other person who doesn\’t get along with the dog..tell her to take a different route!  Gee whiz.  How hard can that he for her to get figured?  :-)HUGS

    Hi Rosebay,
    Sorry about that knee and lower leg suffering. Joint pain can be excruciating. I just had an instance of gout in an ankle and it was just plain awful. Like yours, it was painful even just resting in bed at night. Hey, you take care!

  7. I\’m sure sorry about the leg being messed up like that.  I didn\’t think your blog was boring, those are some strange neighbors you got there.  Flower stealing and someone threatening dogs?  Yeah, that doesn\’t add up to boredom.  Anyway, I hope that you can get that whole thing with your knee figured out.

  8. This adventure reminded me of the great Hitchcock classic \’rear window\’ but with a fire alarm. You need to get that knee fixed so you can chase down the plant bandits. Go Rays!!!!

  9. Lizzie-Beth4Him

    Your knee hurts most in the morning and my ankle hurts most in the evening.  I wish I could take Ibuprofen instead of Tylenol because I think it would dull the pain better.  Maybe I think that because I can\’t take it…lol.  Oh well…we do what we can, right?  Sending a big hug your way!
    You DO have interesting neighbors!  Too bad the one didn\’t take the time to ask if she could take plants, getting cuttings from you,  and that the other couldn\’t just take a minute to get to know lil dog.  I would be very interested to know if lil dog would respond well with a formal introduction or if doggy intuition detects something else.
    If you liked Scrabble we could play that for hours and distract ourselve…lol.  Have as good a week as you can. 

  10. Lizzie-Beth4Him


  11. Darn wendy! This news about your pain is disheartening to me. I am so sorry you are having to endure this pain.
    As for the woman that lil dog barks at…lil dog definately knows something we don\’t about her. And the neighbor "stealing" your plants..GEEZZZZZ, confront her and say something like..excuse me, but I am more than willing to share my beautiful plants with many would you like to take"? LOL.
    Do take care, Sweetie. Be yourself again real soon.

  12. I hope your leg gets better.  You are right about one thing lil dog knows something you don\’t.  Animals are like that.  If they really don\’t like someone there is usually a reason why.  I aggree with rambling about the plant stealing lady.

  13. Sorry your knee/leg is still giving you problems.  Get thee to a doctor!  Ya need to have a talk with the plant stealing lady!  Dogs know!  That\’s all I have to say about that!  Have a good day. Hugs

  14. thank you.
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  15. i say get lil doglett a lazer for his head. hehe – that way odd woman will leave him alone! as for plant thief – well, a good yelling at, or even a pellet gun should do the trick 😉
    I hope the leg gets better and pronto, its never nice to be in pain, and seems like its been going on too long already

  16.                          |            \\_____|_____/           / \\____|____/\\         /  / \\___|___/\\  \\       /  /  / \\__|__/\\  \\  \\     /  /  /  / \\_|_/\\  \\  \\  \\ _/_/_/_/_/      \\_\\_\\_\\_\\__   \\  \\  \\  \\  \\_    _/  /  /  /  /      \\  \\  \\  \\ /_|_\\ /  /  /  /      \\  \\  \\  /__|__\\ /  /  /      Have a t-eerie-fic Halloween!        \\  \\  /___|___\\ /  /               …… Seth!          \\  /____|____\\ /            /           |           \\
                           (                          \\                        )                       (                        )                     _/               _\\{"}/_                 //^\\\\        ……  Thought that I would come by and check on you.    It\’s unfortunate for some of us that we could not choose the neighbors before choosing the house.  I bet there\’s never a dull moment around there.  Bwahaha!  Do you need me to come and put Ms. Istealplants in her place for you?  Huh?  Huh?  I can be nice about it.  :o[
    Sorry to hear that your knee is not getting any better.  Damn!  Here\’s hoping for less pain and discomfort for you, for tomorrow. 

  17. I\’m very sorry to hear of your illness/swelling.  Of course my first inclination is to tell you to seek more medical help but those things are different in the U.S. from Canada, aren\’t they?  Damn damn damn.
    I am glad to hear of your new job.
    I know you will get through this.

  18. Rosebay a  long update but not not redundant.
    sorry to hear you suffer from swelling knee, hope you can recover very soon.
    take care.

  19. hoping you\’ve taken care of that knee by now…doesn\’t sound so good…


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