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October Breast Cancer Awareness Month

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  1. Thanks for the reminder!  Not old enough to get smooshed yet but will remind those I know who are that they should.

  2. Thanks for the reminder!  Hugs

  3. My second reminder, thank you.  Clinic just sent me a reminder.  Have a good day.
    Hugs, Terry

  4. I have a niece in remission from breast cancer so I am always aware of this.  Thank you for reminding all of us.

  5. By the way the green color wall you see in my daughters picture is my dinning room.  I picked the paint color to match a big three wick candle I had in the room.  Silly huh but I love the color.

  6.                       .——.                  _.\’   __     `.              .–(#) (##)— /#\\           .\’ @               /###\\           :              ,   #####            `-. .__.-\’  _.- \\###/                      `;_ :       `"\’                   .\’"""""`.                  /,          ,\\
                   //  SETH!  \\\\              `-._______.-\’              ___`.   |   .\’___              (______|______)   ………. Hello to you!!!  My ex-wife is a breast cancer survivor.  My ex has gone through a biopsy, mastectomy, chemotherapy, radiation treatment and breast reconstruction. She doesn\’t cry anymore and has rarely complained. I never knew how strong and resilient she was/is. Her body has been cut, sewn, chemically assaulted, radiated and left bruised and draining, but she is just as beautiful and positive as ever. I see now why God chose her instead of me.
                   ………. So, have you done your exam??

  7. Hi Rosebay,
    get that knee checked out by your Doctor, it sounds if you may have done some damage to it. take care

  8. Love that "have you been shmooshed?"

  9. Sorry I haven\’t by……..I\’ve had several friends that have had breast cancer……all in remission at this point.  AND yes, I go for my exam in December……. Patty 🙂

  10. Lizzie-Beth4Him

    OUCH!  But thank you for the reminder.  I wish you a good weekend, Wendy.  =D


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