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Snap, crackle, pop…

Goes the knee. I was in the warehouse, climbing over boxes, turned to the right and POP! So, being the way I am – stubborn (Taurus you know) – I didn’t say anything, it really didn’t hurt all that much so I figured it was just fine. Here I am three weeks later and my knee is twice it’s normal size. My friend came by last week saw the knee and took me to the drug store to buy ice packs, wrap and a brace. It has helped, thank you. It seems to swell most while I am sleeping and wakes me through the night. So the question is, do I walk and exercise it or rest it? Is there a doctor in the house?

I am glad everyone enjoyed Annie’s Adventure and someday I hope to have some of the same adventures. No I am not Annie and no, she is not my daughter. She wins prizes for her pictures they are so good. If you look you can see the other adventures, just click on her category. I hope you went over and visited her.

The job interview went well last week but I declined the second interview. I have another interview tomorrow. I am hoping to have a job within the month. I have to have a job. So all you that pray out there, here’s my request. With this economy jobs are hard to find.


So I have new flowers. I bought this and repotted it and it is now finally blooming. While I was at Sunken Gardens I realized this can actually be a tree or a bush. It will be going to Sis’ for her yard soon. I will be taking several to her to plant. My porch is getting a little full. My last nature walk I encountered these huge spiders. NO that is not my hand. No way. For some reason, I really admire spiders and their webs .This particular breed is known for intricate webs. It has been reported they can span 15 feet. This shown is a female and the males, well smaller and "inferior" and are eaten by the female after mating.

Well Spacee friends, I got work to do. Later


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  1. Know about the job thing for sure.  The "Snap, Crackle, Pop"  Well that would probably be another one to add to my list.  lol  I\’m not a doctor so I can\’t say.  But I can offer prayer for the knee and for the job situation.  Lovin hugs to you.  May God bless

  2. Can you say the ABC\’s? Or better yet (worse) ACL? You need to get to the nearest walk in clinic and have the beer on ice for your return home. Call me in the morning

  3. Knee boo-boos are hard to heal.  Take care of it!  Good luck with the job interviews.  Sure hope you land something ya like soon.  Prayers and Hugs

  4. I think you need to get some medical attention for that knee…really…
    will be remembering you with the job situation…hope one comes along real soon…I\’m rooting for you…

  5. Go to a doctor you stubborn creature you!  Speaking of which- creatures that is… I don\’t think I will be coming to FL any time soon… you got some HUGE spiders out there… YIKES!!  That just creeps me out… hey you are more than welcome to come out anytime!! We have MUCH smaller spiders here.
    Love ya~ 

  6. p.s. Prayers said and fingers crossed!!
    Virtual hugs~

  7. I, too, like spiders.  They do much more good than harm. (This, from a guy that has been bitten by a brown recluse !  And I still have the scar from that).  But, I also know that brown recluse spiders are very shy, and that a bite is a last resort when threatened.  Anyway, I agree with Patricia.  You do most probably need to seek medical attention with your knee.  Take it from me, it will show up again later as you age.
    I\’m having a lot of problem uploading pictures to my \’space\’, are you?  I know Windows is making a lot of changes, in fact Hotmail is getting really \’strange\’ in how it works.  Have you had any problems?       (I have my fingers crossed for real rewarding job for you.)

  8. Wow, take care of your knee, sounds painful, love the spider.

  9. Well, hooray for the female spider.  I don\’t like spiders.  We have had an influx of the brown recluse spider in our grade school this fall and several people have been bitten.
    Take your knee to the doctor~!!!

  10. I wish I could tell you what to do about the knee situation but I can\’t sorry.  Cool pictures…that is one big spider!  I\’ve run across ones that big in the tropics but not here…of course with our terrible winters nothing survives to get that big if it\’s a bug!

  11. Hi Chica!
    1)….Take thyself to doctor for that knee
    2)….Fingers, toes, and eyes crossed for you on your job opportunities
    3)….I have no phobias to spiders, but I do not wish to hold one in my hand. LOL.
    4)….Be well and keep smiling.

  12. I hope that you went to have that knee looked at. You stirred up a memory in that cob webbed thing I have for a brain with the spider.
    Please have the knee looked at just in case something is torn.
    And try to have a great week my friend.

    Hi Rosebay,
    I have a link for you!
    The place I usually go first is WebMD.
    In your case … while visiting WebMD … I followed some links and ended up at this "Home Therapy" page. Check it out.

  14. i pray in time your knee will healing. You just have to put pressure on it. Of course, it is a good idea to go to the doctor and have it look at.
    I wish you all the best in finding a job you love and will prosper. It is a tough period we are all going through but I still hope you find somthing good.
    Boy! I don\’t mind spiders but not that big! Thanks for the pictures. Hope your graden continue to grow beautiful!

  15.                        .——.                  _.\’   __     `.              .–(#) (##)— /#\\           .\’ @               /###\\           :              ,   #####            `-. .__.-\’  _.- \\###/                      `;_ :       `"\’                   .\’"""""`.                  /,         ,\\
                   //  SETH!  \\\\              `-._______.-\’              ___`.   |   .\’___              (______|______)   ………. Ouch!  Sorry to hear about your knee.  After a knee injury like that, you need to rest it.  Take it easy, but move within your limit of pain.  Apply ice to help control pain.  Firmly bandage the entire ankle, foot and lower leg. This reduces swelling.  Have your ankle and leg well supported, higher than the level of your heart. This reduces swelling too.  Best advice that I can give you is that if you are still in a lot of pain/discomfort after a couple of days… you may want to pay a visit to your Doc Sweetie.
    It\’s a tough economy and job market, and it\’s not your fault if there are few jobs out there.  Don\’t get discouraged!  Nothing that comes easy is ever worth having and something will come your way! Until then… go out there and knock\’em dead!!   🙂
    ………. Beautiful flowers… creepy spider.  Bwahahaha!

  16.                        .——.                  _.\’   __     `.              .–(#) (##)— /#\\           .\’ @               /###\\           :              ,   #####            `-. .__.-\’  _.- \\###/                      `;_ :       `"\’                   .\’"""""`.                  /,          ,\\
                   //  SETH!  \\\\              `-._______.-\’              ___`.   |   .\’___              (______|______)   ………. Hello to you!  A little curious to know just how your knee is?  Looking forward to your next update/blog entry!  Stay sweet!  😉

  17. WOW….you need to get that knee fixed (maybe it is by now…….lol……..) I\’m late in catching up on answering comments………love the pic of the beautiful flowers, but don\’t like spiders……..brave person holding the spider……eweeeeeee……….Patty 🙂

  18. Lizzie-Beth4Him

    That is one cool spider!  I am a fan of webs also.  Your plant is lovely.  You are in my prayers about the job and your knee.  I have a severely sprained ankle and am doing the ice pack and keeping off of it as much as possible.  From having sprained my other ankle I know that sprains are worse than breaks as far as pain and even recovery.  I didn\’t go to the doctor for x-rays this time or get the pain killer and crutches like the last time.  I don\’t have to work so I can stay off of it.  I do miss not taking the pain killer though.  😉  I did see the doctor a week later to be sure it is mending properly and he said to be sure to take the full Tylenol dosage (I can\’t have asprin or ibuprofin because of the Gerds) to help with the swelling to go down and to stay off of the foot and continue icing it because it takes a long time to heal…so I will recommend that to you.  If you aren\’t seeing continued…if slow… progress… you may want to go to the doctor.
    Love and hugs,


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