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Annie’s Adventure to Lake Superior

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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Kayaking in the Apostle Islands, Lake Superior, Wisconsin

I spent August 7th through the 11th in Wisconsin, kayaking in the Apostle Islands on Lake Superior. It was almost perfect! The only things missing were Wayne and Tiffany. If they had been with me it would have been absolutely perfect. I flew up on Thursday, rented a car in Duluth and drove 90 miles to Bayfield, WI. I lallygagged on my way stopping to have lunch at a roadside bar and grill. The cheeseburger was delicious, just not sure what part of the ‘cow?’ it was made from.

The countryside was beautiful and my route mostly followed the south shore of Lake Superior. I stopped at most of the wayside parks to take photos. I took over 500 shots and it was hard to decide just which ones to post here.

The weather was wonderful. It was like a warm winter weekend in Florida – clear sunny blue skies, crisp air and cool nights – Perfect Camping Weather!

Wildflowers were blooming everywhere. I didn’t get the names of all of them and I don’t have an Audubon book for Wisconsin, so just enjoy their beauty, I don’t know their names.

This one is called fire weed or horse tail.

I suppose this is a daisy.

On Friday morning I got up early and headed to Living Adventure to start my trip. We spent the morning learning to paddle and doing rescues before heading out for 3 days and 2 nights on the lake. Everything about the trip surpassed my expectations. Both guides had numerous certifications including ACA, wilderness first responder and food management. The kayaks were all nice fiberglass boats and we learned a lot about the flora, fauna and history of the area.

The scenery was amazing. It’s nice to go somewhere that looks so different from where you live. The beaches and springs of Florida are beautiful, but it sure is nice to see something different. Not only was the view beautiful, but the temperature was nice and it smells like Christmas up there with all the pine trees.

This is called Honeymoon Rock. It’s just off of Hermit Island. Our guide, Joe Ku, had so many interesting stories about the people and history of all of the islands. You’ll have to take a trip with him to hear them all. I highly recommend it. Let me know if you want to go. I definitely want to go back!

That’s me, squeaking through a crack in the cliff.

One of Joe’s interesting stories involves a black bear who I choose to call Brownie. Shortly before Joe arrived with his tour on Hermit Island a few weeks ago, a group had fed a brownie to this bear. They did it hoping to get the bear to go away. Unfortunately, Brownie took a liking to chocolate and was hanging around for some more. Joe got to dance around a tree with Brownie as his tour took off in the kayaks. Everyone (including Brownie) was OK, but now humans are not allowed on Hermit Island because Brownie will come looking for more nummies.

This is a Beaver Dam that was near our Saturday Night Campsite on Stockton Island.

This is our guide, Ben, exiting a small cave.

This is our guide, Joe, rolling a double sea kayak with a passenger – amazing!

I think these are mushrooms. I didn’t taste them to be sure 😉

These guys showed up at our Friday Night Campsite on Oak Island right at sunset – perfect timing!

A groovy purple flower that was on the grounds of Living Adventure. Gail, the owner is an artist and her garden shows off her creative nature. An artist-paddler? Sound like anyone you know? It’s a good combination if you ask me!!!

A raspberry that was growing outside of my hotel room. There were berries everywhere. In fact, our campsite on Oak Island was in the middle of a berry patch. Joe said it was to keep the bears away. They would have to eat through all those berries to get to us 😉

I think this is a Stargazer Lilly (from the grounds at Living Adventure).

Wisconsin seems to be a very eco-friendly state. There was a recycle bin next to every trash can. I was almost at the airport for my trip home when I pulled up behind this guy at a stop light. The bumper sticker says that it’s powered by bio-diesel. Rock On!

Until the next adventure, Take it easy,


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  1. Rosebay, thanks for sharing this adventure, scenery is beautiful and very interesting.   hugs, Sidney

  2. what FUN!!! Thanks for posting it.

  3. I love the pics.  I\’m glad your had a great adventure.  You said you wanted to go back and I don\’t blame you. I\’ve been up there many times, but always driving thru in a big truck.  I\’d love to take a vacation up there and see more than what is seen behind a windshield.  Lovin hugs to you.  Hope you have a great week.  May god bless. 

  4. Looks like a great trip nice photos, very interesting ,like that Island.

  5. The pictures are beautiful.  Glad you enjoyed you trip to our state.  It is beautiful.  I think there is something in each state we could all enjoy.  Come back anytime.
    Hugs, Terry

  6. What a great adventure!  Thanks so much for sharing this with us.  Have a wonderful day.  Hugs

  7. Oh what fun!!!  The pictures are beautiful!!

  8. Thoroughly enjoyable blog you posted!  I loved all our pictures!

  9.    Berries everywhere, I think I would have loved that place. Were you allowed to pick the berries? The pictures are awesome and it was like I was taking the hike with you, thanks for sharing. Loved it.
                 Take care and God bless………..Rusty  ((HUGS))

  10. Yes, our state is a beautiful state. We have been up where you went but never took the kayaking trip. Would love to tho. Although I love Florida too. It is the law here that we have to recycle. That\’s why you saw all the seperate bins at the rest areas etc. We even have to seperate our own trash in our own homes.
    I\’m so glad you enjoyed your trip and hope you come back soon.

  11. Hi There, thanks so much for dropping by,
     and to for your nice comments !
     I\’ve enjoyed reading  this post and the pictures are all very
     beautiful, thanks for sharing that !

  12. Awesome trip! Ana and I have decided we would love to go here to kayak. Camping we never done…it\’ll be a new adventure :-). A couple of weeks ago we went kayaking for the first time in the Hudson River, New York of all places! We had lots of fun! We learned fast! For a 9 year old and paddling in front of the boat, she did a GOOD JOB! She thought she was in charge.(LOL)

  13. Damn Girl!! This sounds amazing!

    Is this your daughter?
    Not knowing who this person is … and whether she is Over 18 and ready for the rowdy makes of me … I will behave and not click on her site. HaHaHa.
    But what a wonderful trip description together with such beautiful photographs. The rock formations, including Honeymoon something-or-other, are so enchanting that I\’d love to visit the area too!
    All well with you? I hope so!

  15. beautiful photos and nice description!
    thanks for sharing such a great trip!

  16. What a vacation!…the pictures are wonderful…no doubt you enjoyed yourself…
    that purple flower up there is clematis, I think…looks familiar, anyway…
    have a good week…

  17. Lovely entry, Wendy. Glad you had a wonderful time. It is beautiful there!
    Be well and keep smiling.

  18.                        .——.                  _.\’   __     `.              .–(#) (##)— /#\\           .\’ @               /###\\           :              ,   #####            `-. .__.-\’  _.- \\###/                      `;_ :       `"\’                   .\’"""""`.                  /,         ,\\
                   //  SETH!  \\\\              `-._______.-\’              ___`.   |   .\’___              (______|______)   ………. Those ARE excellent snapshots and I am so jealous.  I would love to have an adventure about now. 
                               Here\’s hoping that all is well with you!

  19. Lizzie-Beth4Him

    That was great and such beautiful pictures too.  I will check her site out when I have more time.


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