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Who turned off the heat?

This morning I walked outside and it was a bit cool, well by Florida standards. At 66 when I got up I wondered through the night why it was so warm inside. I have to close up at night since I live on the ground floor and living alone. The air doesn’t turn on if it is cooler outside. It will get up to about 85 today, according to the weather. Yesterday I opened up the apartment and let the cross breeze flow through. It was nice to get fresh air. It’s even better right now with the cooler temps. 

I was so brave yesterday. I know to some this is minor but a small snake was on my porch. I heard lil dog making a fuss on the porch and went out to find that he had "disabled" a snake. I tried everything to get the darn thing out while keeping the lil dog from killing it. Now you have to realize, I hate snakes. Not just hate but have a fear of them. I have gone through the "de-sensitization" routine. Nope, still scream like a girl when I see one. I checked the internet just to make sure it was not poisonous, nope just a ringed neck gardener snake. So I finally grabbed up all the courage I could, grabbed it by the tail and put it outside in my garden. Just thinking of it now gives me the heebby-jeebbies. Ok so it was only 3 inches long!

I have two companies for job interviews to go to. I hate looking for work. Today’s interview will be the first in four for this one company. FOUR! My goodness, how many times can they ask the same questions? So wish me luck, I think. This would embark me on a whole new career – with training. Still not sure it will be for me though, we’ll see.

Sis sent me this picture and it made me laugh so I thought I would share. It’s the new border patrol.

Have a great day everyone.


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  1. I wouldn\’t touch that snake with a 10\’ pole!  Good luck with the job interviews!  I  can\’t imagine 4 with the same company!  Love the new border patrol. Hugs

  2. I am like you and hate looking for work.  I am doing it tho. Good Luck.  Love the the "Border Patrol" I\’m not to fond of snakes either.  Thanks for sharing.  Hugs to you and May God bless

  3. I have cousins who live in Florida. We went to visit them one year to go with them to a Packer and Tampa Bay game one December. That morning the temp was in the 60\’s too and we laughed when they came out wearing hats, ear muffs, coats and gloves lol. They freeze when they come back home to visit.
    Congratulations on facing your fear! Evenif it was only 3 inches long lol. Good luck with the job interviews!

  4. How funny.  Just love the \’Border Patrol\’.  Hate snakes myself.  When I was still working I encounter one in the office bathroom.  How it got in there God Himself only knows.  Swept it up in a waste pan and threw it outside.  The principals secretary worked with her feet up for days after I told her.  She\’s afraid of everything.   Hope your interviews go well and you on your way to a great job.
    Hugs, Tery

  5. Aren\’t you the bold one though?  My wife won\’t come within a hundred yards of a snake whether poisonous or not!  BTW I love the picture!  Now that was just the thing I needed to proceed with a smile!

  6. I love the Border Patrol.  Really cute! 
    I probably would have gotten the broom and whacked the snake senseless as I am petrified of snakes.  I am very proud of you.

  7. Your a bigger women than I am cause that snake would still be on the porch if it was me. No way would I pick it up!!!!  Good luck with your interviews.  I love the picture it is too funny.

  8. Ok, I want that dog with the hat.  I need to have another dog!  Hey thanks for stopping by the other day.  You seemed to disappear on my site.  Was going to send out missing person\’s report  😉   Hope you\’re enjoying Dancing With the Stars again.  I have my favourite picked out.  I think the olympic beach vollyball athlete is going to go the distance this season. 

  9. Cute little puppy.  I sure do wish you luck on the job scene.  Florida is our home in the winter.  We sold one a year ago and now a motorhome is our home.  We\’ll be down after Thanksgiving this year.

  10. the best of luck with your interviews…and I hope it will be a job you can\’t wait to get to…too funny, those dogs…
    be careful when you go out to the garden….hssssssssssssssss…lol…

  11. Good Luck to you also on your interviews!!! I know what you mean about having to look for work. I think I\’m more nervous going the 2nd time interview than the first. I\’m sure the questions are going to be more challangening. You made progress by picking that darn snake up, I applaud you!!! I\’m terrified of a daddy long legs. Absolutely petrified and have been my entire life. I don\’t think I could ever bring myself to pick one up. Ahhh, maple sugar candy, yup!!! had a piece yesterday. My Grandparents always used to go to Vermont and bring some back with them in their travels many years ago. Still has the same great taste!! Have a great weekend, and I will keep my fingers crossed for you……..

  12. What a great picture.  I\’m having a good chuckle.  =D
    Oh, Wendy…I am so proud of you about the snake!  Sending you a HUGE HUG!  I wish you the best on your job interview too.


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