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Dog tales – The Ducks

It was a beautiful day so I asked lil dog if he wanted to go for a walk.


He looked at me and ran to get his leash and toy. So he is all set to go. – Ready mom?  – Ok let’s go but you have to leave the toy inside. – We have this discussion all the time. Usually I win but on the occasions I don’t, I end up carrying a toy with us.


The ducks looked interesting on this day. Lil dog thought he would go over and say hello. The mama duck and her two teenagers didn’t seem quite as interested in talking to him though. If you look close you can see Lil Dog is not even touching the ground he is so wanting to get there.

Mama duck didn’t really have much nice to say. But lil dog was polite and listened to her story before we moved along.               

It was a good day for a walk. On our walks we have seen rosy spoonbills wading through the water along with egrets and blue herons. 

Well I guess this post was "for the birds". Hope you enjoyed the scenery.



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  1. How cute!  Love the pic of lil dog running on air!!!  Thanks for the walk among some of nature\’s finest!  Hugs

  2. The pictures are so cute.  The rosy spoonbills are gorgeous and so is little dog.

  3. It almost seems you\’re typing a children\’s novel or something, I love it!

  4. Beautiful pictures.  How rude of Mother Duck not to talk to Lil Dog.  Guess not everyone is in a good mood today. 
    Hugs, Terry

  5. the picture of the dog in the air was cute….and all the pics look good too!! thanks for bringing us on the walk with you, lol
    and I hope that duck will be more respectful next time! lol

  6.  a good bed time story for the children look forward to chapter  2

  7. I LOVE Roseate Spoonbills.  Oh you make me miss Florida even more.  If I had had the camera then that I have now…whoa baby!  :-)Mama Duck will use this experience to teach her babies who to chat up and who to royally ignore..not that Lil Dog will be ignored.  Oh no.  She just wants to teach them about the other doggies…

  8. Great pics W…. MAN… you sure are handy with a camera…and a computer!  Cute story. 
    I hope all is well and good for you my friend!
    Virtual hugs~

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  10. I did enjoy it…lovely, indeed…Lil Dog needs to get you out often…

  11. Nice wildlife, good job Dustydog isn\’t there, who knows what she would bring home?


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