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Sunday – just babbling

Well I am happy to report that the babysitting job went very well. No crying, no bouncing off the walls and no duct tape. I had my cardboard boxes but we never did get around to making anything of them. We played I Spy on the computer. We had loads of fun. I always loved those in the Highlights book. We had lasagna (Stoffers) and ice cream. The best part is when their mom came home, she looked happy and relaxed. (No I did NOT take that picture – Google image)

The past two days we have had glorious weather. Sun shining, morning breeze and no rain in sight. Ed offered to send me some but – ummm – no thanks. Ike is heading our way and I am sure we will be getting plenty this coming week. Wednesday or Thursday is when it will begin around here. So today, at some point, I will have to go to the store for minimal supplies.

Speaking of shopping, it’s a love/hate thing for me. Hate the grocery store but love buying household items. I made a comment on this to Rambling. She understands me (at least someone does). Love going out but hate spending the money. I need a new coffee pot. I have had mine almost four years and it has begun to leak. So I am buying the same one just a new model. Coffee anyone? The coffee pot lists for just under $40 which means the total bill at Walmart will be about $100. Things just jump into the cart you know. Lil dog usually gets a new toy (88 cents in the checkout lanes) but he has so many right now I’m not buying one. He searches the bags when I come in from the stores to see what is his. I’ll get him a bone or something. He’s just so cute the way he rummages through. Even if there is food in the bags, he won’t touch it, just his toy or treat.

I changed the music to Rob Thomas – Something To Be – the player says a different title. My media player renamed all the tracks when I imported the album information. I tried a few times to change it back without much luck. I know what the problem was and know how to avoid it in the future but I hate having the wrong titles and now I’m not sure which song is which. I love this CD though. All of it. I had another track ready to share but changed my mind. I’m afraid most of the music I listen to most of you wouldn’t like. I have a wide taste in music but prefer the adult alternative genre. 

Sara – as far as your blog on racism and dru you followed it. So I’m sitting here listening to some old CDs I burned that has a wide variety. I’m hearing this song by Trik Turner and I want to share a few lines from it:

We bleed the same blood
We cry the same tears
We have the same fears
We pass the same years
We see the same stars
Under the same skies
We pass the same time
We all live and die

Enough said.

Enjoy your Sunday everyone!


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  1. Glad to hear ya had no problems with the twins.  My sister once asked my daughter what alternative music was and my daughter replied, "alternative to what you listen to."  Different strokes for different folks! Whatever makes ya happy.  Be safe and be prepared for Ike!  Hugs

  2. LOL @ that pic of the duct taped baby! Hilarious.
    Glad you had a good time and also that their Mom had a relaxing day/night out. Everyone deserves that once in awhile.
    Gustov gave us about 2 inches of rain and much cooler weather. I mean..from mid 90\’s down to 50\’s. That is quite a shocker! LOL. It was a refreshing welcomed temp to me.
    Take care and drop by soon. Have a lovely rest of the weekend and the upcoming week.
    Oh yeah, Walmart..Ditto on what you said. always have more than I go in there for. ( Imagine that )

  3. I am glad the child sitting was a success.  I would be good too for lasagna!!

  4. Sounds like you had fun babysitting. I\’ll be doing that soon myself.
    Oh boy I hope my coffee pot keeps going. We\’ve had it for years now.
    Enough said indeed,

  5. You said no crying, no bouncing off of the walls and no duct tape, I thought you were talking about yourself. Save the boxes for later. I am glad that it all went well.
    Have a blessed week my friend.

  6. Thank you for dropping by my new myspace and leaving a lovely comment. I would like for us to be friends. I have just recently found out that I am pregnant, so I will know 1st hand about babies in the not too distant future, I cannot wait.
    Love Kathy ~xx~

  7. babbling is good sometimes  😉
    Hey, Dancing With The Stars starts very soon!

  8. hey W!… so we went to the same school of hard knocks eh?  Wow…. small world woman!   I am sorry that you have been through the ringer too, but I guess that just makes us stronger huh?  Thank you so much for your friendship and support… you are freaking awesome!!  If you need to talk you can always e-mail me too.  Take good care my friend… you know I love ya! 
    p.s. Gracey is gorgeous… I would not mind having her at all… and besides… that is an excellent name… my bestest has the same middle name… only spelt different.
    Have a great day!
    Big virtual hugs~

  9. Love, love, love those lyrics!!
    Hey, nice wall decor!!

    I needed to stop for a Rosebay fix. 😉
    Hey, great photos you shared of Jaegermiester! Nicely done. I see you even got your cute toes sticking inside one of those pics. lol.
    And cute to read how Jaeger rummages through the grocery bags with his snout to see if he can find any treats or toys you happened to have for him. Awwwww!

  11. The little ones must have a good view of the game as well. Chips anyone?

  12. enough said indeed!!
    glad the babysitting job went well. have a good day tomorrow.


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