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Everyone lately has been taking picture of sunsets and clouds. Here’s a massive cloud I saw one night on my way home. There was lightening in the center that made it glow.

Thank you everyone for your nice comments on September. It was something I just needed to get done.

I’ll be taking a blog walk tonight. See you in the comments.



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  1. Great photo…thanks for sharing.  I can never remember to take my camera with me when I leave home.  Have a wonderful day.  Hugs

  2. Look at the delicate shading and gradation of color from top to bottom of that cloud.I am a cloud freak anyway and usually my camera gets whipped out at the sight of a pretty one.  🙂

  3. Just Beautiful. Thanks for sharing this. I love Photos of Clouds.
    Have a Great Day.

  4. BEAUTIFUL, Wendy!!
    Have a grand day. I am headed to work.

  5. That is just a great shot!  I love the popcorn clouds that come when storms are winding up.  I appreciate you taking the time not only to take the shot but to share it with us. 

  6. hOLY sHIT tHAT\’S aWESOME!!!!!
    I don\’t see that sort of thing much anymore since moving out west.  Too hot for clouds!

  7. Very lovely!  I\’m out west too…but up here…and I am glad to say we see some beautiful cloud formations and since we can see Montana in the distance…they have beautiful clouds too.

  8. wishing you a great week!  🙂

  9. hey… very nice picture!!!  Hope you are doing great! 
    Virtual hugs!

  10. lovely cloud…like taking sky pictures…will have to do some more…you have encouraged me…now to find some clouds…

  11.  Beautiful photo.  We don\’t get alot of clouds out here except in the mountains.  As usual,  I love the pictures of Jaeger!
    Take good care Wendy


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