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Now how cute is this? I have had the flu for a couple of days. Nothing serious, just the flu. So I stayed home, mostly to spare the co-workers having to watch as a run to the bathroom every hour. Sorry, I know, TMI. SO I was telling my friend, reluctantly (I hate admitting I’m not well), that I was home and why. An hour later and a knock on the door. SURPRISE!!! Yes it was. Someone earned big points today…


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  1. hope ur feeling better soon,good 4 them tc ed

  2. it is cute… hope you feel better. get well soon!! sending you a BIG hug to make you smile. cheer up for me.
    hugs and love..Sara

  3. What a nice surprise, and what a nice friend. Deserves lots of points for that one.  Hope that bug takes a hike quickly. 
    Hugs. Terry

  4. So cute!  Get well soon!

  5. i hope you feel better soon.    cute flower pot, btw

    Damn! I wish I had thought of that first! lol
    Hey, Get Well fast!
    ^ one long stem virtual rose for you!
    Any points for me? lol
    Pic is "a proof" for a new pic for my newspaper ads, internet ads, flyers/publications for my real estate showings & listings, and yeah for business cards. The final new pic is due in my hands tomorrow. I\’m going with a casual, no-tie look for my next series of newspaper ads. Keep your fingers crossed for me that I can land some additional business with it 🙂
    In a moment of weakness, I put up a proof on my website for a quick look by my pen-pals fan club (lol) before I take it down, since I tend to stay away from my having my pics published on my sometimes-naughty space .. HaHaHa. 
    Here\’s hoping the worst is behind you (no pun intended) and you are back to 100% by tomorrow!

  7. That\’s very cool, nothing like that to make ya feel better I bet!

  8. First how sweet of your friend maybe instead of brownie points you could give brownies I love brownies lol.  Second I love the puppy of the day.  The bernese mountain dog is my dream dog but they are very expensive.  Hope you are feeling better. Now go make my brownies!  lol jk

  9. that is something that happens and you always remember it.  How nice!  🙂

  10. Thanks Wendy.  I\’ll be thinking of you too!  I think I\’m ready

  11. Budweiser taste bad when you have the flu…Did that stop you? Get well soon!

  12. Lizzie-Beth4Him

    What a nice friend you have and such a cute mug and plant decoration!  Hoping you are well soon.

  13. Love that!!

  14. you have good friends….


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