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It’s official – we have a puppy.

Last year I told my son I would get him a puppy for his Birthday. We looked for months and never found one that he wanted. He wanted a pug – I told him to get a dachshund. So when a co-worker’s daughter’s dog had puppies, I asked. And as you would guess, mom is half pug (see the eyes) and half dachshund. Ours is the medium colored one on the right.





Dad is just a little dog. Looks like a little dachshund there too.

And here is the happy couple.

Here he is – Biscuit. I am told that he is the most boisterous one of them all. 

He should be ready for his new home sometime early October. 


Other news:

My niece, who will be 11 soon, was a Bucs cheerleader yesterday. Here she is at the game. Isn’t she pretty? Aunt Wendy put her hair in a french braid.


Sis and I both went to the cell phone store and got new phones. I have a Samsung Muse and she has a LG Scoop that will probably go to my niece soon. My old cell was made before camera phones so I am excited this one has a camera. Now if I can just figure out how to put it on vibrate so I won’t get in trouble at work, all will be good. It did come with a book but what fun is that? lol

I have a new gadget up at the top. It’s a chat box and I am able to connect it with MSN IM. I found it on a new friend’s Space CommRossi Online – he has some cool stuff there. Thanks Rossi!

Everyone enjoy your Sunday!


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  1. Oh, cute niece.  Were we ever that age?

  2. those mixes are just the best!…and how cute he is, too…keep us posted on his progress…Little Gal\’s family has a beagle/Jack Russell mix…name is Jack…lol…proud auntie, yes, she\’s very pretty…Little Gal\’s mother has learned to French braid…enjoy you fancifone…

  3. Cute, I hope that works out with the puppy.  I had two miniature dachshunds before and I\’ve also owned Cocker Spaniels but never a mix.  I loved your pictures one and all! 

  4. The puppy is adorable.  Good luck!

  5. cute dogs, keep us posted on the puppy, lots of pictures.

  6. Love the daily dog pic and your new puppy is so cute.  How fun for your niece.  I am sure she had lots of fun.

  7. Lizzie-Beth4Him

    Thanks for your visit Wendy, and I hope your Sunday has been a good one.  Buscuit and family are all adorable.  It must have been hard to pick just one puppy.  I would have had a hard time, wanting to take them all, though I realize that is not reasonable.  Your son must be on cloud nine about it!
    Yes, you have a lovely niece.  She must have been beside herself to get to be a cheerleader at the game.
    We will be getting new cell phones at the beginning of September and mine is also a dinosaur, although K had lost his and got a replacement with a camera included.  We are thinking about getting the "LG Shine" phones.  Those in the picture look great.  Enjoy!
    Love and hugs,

  8. Lizzie-Beth4Him

    Sorry…I misspelled Biscuit…and I just love that name too!

  9. That puppy is so sweet looking.  Look at that tummy all pooched out.  I am ready for a new cell phone.  I have one that is only a year old, true BUT all the rest of the family have cool ones..I have an old looking one.  Well, that\’s not fair I guess.  It\’s a flip phone and has all the amenities— but one son has an iPhone..the other has a cool looking thin one..well, come to think of it, the other son also has a skinny one that looks 100\’s of times better than my chunky seeming one.  🙂  I have..gasp…phone envy.

  10. Yo Wendy… adorable pup… gorgeous niece… great phone… LIFE IS GOOD EH??
    Thanks for checking up on me … I am going to get better at writing I promise. 
    Take care my friend,
    Virtual hugs~

  11. Aw he\’s a cutie and you will have lots of fun with him. you\’re neice is adorable!!! I bet that was fun watching her cheer wasn\’t it?
    Have a good day


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