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Hurricane Day

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Hurricane Fay – Here she comes!

8/19/08 8:00 am Update

Now on land, Fay is moving north to northeast as it moves across Florida. All hurricane and tropical storm warnings have been canceled for the Bay area. <big sigh of relief> Well it missed us. It was all those prayers in comments that kept it away. Well it still may bring rain but right now, it is absolutely beautiful. The weather station says it is 78 out but it feels cooler. The breeze is blowing and I can open both doors and let the air flow through the apartment. After being closed up for all these summer months it will be very nice to air out. I almost (almost being the operative word) feel guilty for not being at work. I have a project I can work on here at home (does anyone know Access 2007?) but I think I will clean with all this fresh air.

Thank you everyone for the thoughts and prayers. They worked.



And the watch is on. Ok so let’s not get too dramatic here. It’s a storm, Maybe Cat 1 by now. When storms hit the land they weaken. If it does go into the Gulf it could strengthen. Regardless,


I got the day off ! Woo Hoo. Like a snow day but a hurricane day.


One of the worse part of the storm is the rain. We have had so much rain that the ground is saturated and flooding is more likely. My porch floods often with a hard rain so nothing new there. I have lived here since I was a child and been through quite a few – most recent were Charley and Wilma. They weren’t direct hits but close enough. But mostly it is like a bad thunderstorm. Rain, wind, more wind… The clearing from the eye of the storm is wonderful if you are close enough to get part of it. It clears, very suddenly and the sun is so very bright. There is such a silence and a calm. It feels as if some type of protection is surrounding you. Magical. I "glad to be alive" feel. Kinda hard to get into words…

I’m all prepared. Dog has plenty of food, we have water, can foods (yuck), car has gas. I went to buy a cheap flashlight and they were sold out but for one at $10.50! I do have a little one and know I have several around here so that’s fine. I also have candles, lots of candles, but they create heat which is not something we need. Cell phone is charging. Computer is charging.  I got a new book. Hmm what else? 

Tonight we all sit in front of the tv tuned to weather and watch and wait. Tomorrow everything will be closed, stores, food places, gas stations – there will be one open – every so often, with cleaned out shelves. It is sort of surreal sometimes when you stand back and think about it.

I put a circle around my area on the map over there but it is hard to see. Well I will let you know if anything exciting happens. Here’s hoping for a quite night.


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  1. I\’ll be thinking of ya during this storm. hope it won\’t be too serious though. up here it feels like down there. it\’s been raining everyday, well almost. yesterday and so far today it hasn\’t but every day before that during the summer, it has pretty much rained. I\’m kind of sick of it though. hope you have an exciting time. lol
    hugs n luv…Sara

  2. I\’ll be praying for you!  But I\’m sure you\’ll be ok 🙂  I\’ve never been in an actual hurricane.  Makes me think of that movie "Twister" with Helen Hunt.  I think you\’d like to see my car trunk.  You\’d maybe say, "What are you?? the national guard??!"

  3. I think we just left a comment on each other\’s site at exactly the same time!  🙂  Was just going to say I like the Snoopy pic in your blog.  Gotta love Snoopy!

  4. You will be in my thoughts and prayers.  I am sure I don\’t have to tell you to be careful.

  5. I\’ll be thinking of you.  And I wish some of that rain would come to our parched area while it\’s at it.  🙂  Take care dear.  I\’ll be watching the weather reports.

  6. You are very prepared. Hope you don\’t have much flooding.  We just went thru that.  Not fun.  Praying all turns out well.  Terry

  7. Lizzie-Beth4Him

    Nice to read how prepared you are and have the day off, and I will also be praying for and thinking about you and your area, which I will try to see if I can find out about on the news. 

  8. Hoping and praying that it doesn\’t get real bad for you. Sounds like you\’ve thought of everything though. We have finally dried out from the fooding we had so I know what that\’s like and hope you don\’t have to go through that too.
    Will be back to check on ya. Stay safe.

  9. HI,
    I am glad that you are going to be okay.  My dad lives near Silver Springs.  He is getting to old to run several times a year so i am glad it petered out,
    ENJOY your "snow day"

  10. Thinking of you Wendy. Be safe, my Friend.

  11. Seems that all is well down there now…others have reported their safety…just learned that the eastern side of the storm is worst…never knew that, but makes sense…
    thank you for stopping by…was nice reading your comment…come any time…

  12. How did it go last night? 


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