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Weekend of indulgence

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So it is Sunday morning and I have nothing planned for today- love it! Weekends have been crammed with going and doing that I am enjoying doing – well… not much at all. I indulged yesterday and it felt good!!! Started with my favorite pizza. I love pizza, all pizza. I went to Mexico once and found the only Italian restaurant run by a little Italian lady just so I could have pizza, So you get my point. This is a new pizza I have been getting, spinach Alfredo with bacon, mushrooms and tomatoes, mmmmm. I know it may not sound appealing to some but it is wonderful. I’m not much into chocolate but this one candy bar is dark chocolate, pecan pralines and toffee, I ate half. To top it all off, Salt and Vinegar chips and Bud Light. Throw in some great movies, a thunderstorm and my constant companion and it made a great day.

Let’s talk movies. I have three currently –

Definitely, Maybe – a cute story. Father tells his 10 year old daughter the story of meeting her mom. He makes it a mystery romance story and keeps her guessing to the end only to realize he still loves the mom. I could watch this with my niece and not be embarrassed and she would enjoy it.


Then there was The Great Debaters – excellent story of a group of college kids in Texas in 1935. Based on a true story, the film takes us to Wiley, an African-American Methodist college in Texas during the Depression. It addressed racism and the "Jim Crow Laws" were in effect In the Southern US, requiring "separate but equal" facilities for Blacks and Whites. The best speech was that we have to start today to stop racism, we can’t wait until tomorrow and it is everyone of us that counts in this fight. Ok so that is my version. Just look at how far we have come in the 45 years I’ve been around. Denzel Washington and Forest Whitaker were excellent (as always). Denzel Whitker was one of the debaters and you could see the resemblance to his father in his eyes.


Then the BEST! I laughed so hard I had tears and cried so hard I sobbed. It’s that the true making of a GREAT movie? I have to make a deal with Blockbuster to purchase it. With Rob Reiner directing, Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman starring, how could you go wrong? It also stars Sean Hayes of Will and Grace fame. The Bucket List is excellent! When Jack Nicholson said he would kiss the most beautiful girl in the world ("How are you going to do that?"  "Volume." true Jack fashion) and he did – I was beside myself.

Ok so now go watch it!!!! This is a must see movie!


I don’t want to give any details on the movie but here’s the challenge – write your bucket list. You know, the things you want to do before you kick the bucket. Now don’t make me start a tag game out of this. I’m working on mine. To be published soon. Let me know when you post yours.


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  1. I can just hear Jack Nicholson saying, "Volume!"   He\’s so funny.  You and I would get along great with the food and movies (maybe just one action blow-\’em up movie?).  I\’m not much of a beer drinker, but somtimes I\’ll have a lager with a steak.

  2. Oh darlin\’ I\’m with you on the pizza craze!!! I LOVE PIZZA!!! There is this Fotomat sized pizza place in the upper peninsula that has the best pizza around!!! I eat pizza every time I can, just can\’t get enough of that cheesy goodness. 🙂 I will have to wait on my Bucket List because we have the DVD sitting on the TV and just haven\’t watched it yet, should be good as your review states. LOL  🙂 I hope Morgan is doing better now than he was.
    Have a GREAT day!!!  🙂

  3. hi glad you enjoyed your weekend – the pizza sounds like one I would enjoy – dont like the hot spicy ones. have a great week – nita.

  4. Sounds like a great weekend to me.  Ours have been pretty full too. Thought I was going to get one this coming one but have been informed we are going north with friends. Oh well, there\’s alway cold weather months to just relax and enjoy.  I really will have to rent the Buck List as I hear so many good things about it.
    Hugs Terry

  5. I purchased the Bucket List and watched it with my neighbors.  It is an excellent film but it is not one I will watch again.  Sadly I relived my husband\’s cancer diagnosis, his many hospital stays and his death.

  6. I really enjoy an "alternative pizza".  We have had a couple of them that are really good…one even had artichoke hearts…it was actually very nice!  Nice times it sounds like for you…good deal!

  7. what i dont get is pizza, chocolate,with toffee and chips what we in scotland call crisps  washed down with bud light you on a diet .. bud light

  8. Now I crave pizza!!!! lol
    Actually, my Fileden is working perfectly.  Keep trying.
    d3vmax IS pretty cool!  I\’ll check out Playlist!!
    Have a Great week!!

  9. Lizzie-Beth4Him

    I appreciate your movie recommendations, and hadn\’t heard of the first one, but had already planned on seeing The Bucket List.  I\’ll have to think about making a list of my own but will wait till after I see the movie.
    The pizza you enjoyed sounds like something I would enjoy tremendously.  I love vinegar chips and vinegar saturated fries.  Have a blessed and safe week ahead.

  10. There are a few places along the last 1/4 of the grind (the hardest part – very steep) and the rope might be 10 feet long.  It\’s the very last part where you try to drag your almost lifeless body onto the top  🙂  But it was fun.  A real blast!  I\’ll do it again soon  🙂


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