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Guessing game

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This what I think of when the Olympics come around…


1978 Hamburg High School Bull Dogs


Ok so which one is me?

I have been very busy but will share more later. Blog walk tonight to visit everyone. See ya in comments.


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  1. I don\’t know.  It is really a good picture that was taken the same year my son graduated from high school.

  2. have no idea which one is you. have a happy Tuesday.

  3. Front row, first on the left.  Please don\’t shoot the guesser…grin.

  4. Back row fourth from the right?  I\’m terrible at these kinds of things!

  5. Lizzie-Beth4Him

    My guess is second row on the left.  I could have been on the gymnastics team in high school but I HATED the balance beam and wasn\’t thrilled with the uneven bars.  My form and flexibility were good, toes always pointed, but I had problems with equalibrium and balance in heights so it  scared me off.  This is a great picture of you and your team!  Now I just need to know for sure which person is you.

  6. middle 4 from left

  7. I\’m a little late to register a guess although it is correct:
    Second row and first on left! \’You Rook Marvelous\’

  8. Who\’s that cutie in the second row far left!  😉 


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