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Aug 6, 2008 – I just could not believe all the memories I experienced in the last couple of days. Since hearing this song again I can remember so vividly my grandparents. Every room and every item in it. The smells from Grandma’s kitchen, Thanksgiving dinners, learning to sew and knit, the parades. It has been an amazing experience. If they are looking down right now, I’m looking up saying I love you.
BTW – My grampa would always play this song when I was little and I would sit on his big chair with him and wipe his tears. He was a big tough trucker with a soft heart. I was just looking for a song to go with the blog. Now I got tears.

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  1. My goodness, I haven\’t heard that in a long while.  What a pleasure and yes, it is extrememly moving.  No one makes music like that now.  What a good thing you did sharing.

  2. Yes, I remember when that song was popular.  Your grampa sounds like a great guy.  My dad was a trucker too and he never knew a stranger.

  3. That is one of the sweetest songs ever written.  It shows the true human spirit!  I love it thank you for putting it on your space.

  4. Lizzie-Beth4Him

    Lovely song and memories, Wendy.  Thank you for sharing.  I would have liked your grandpa.

  5. Holy cow.. that is a golden oldie!  Hey woman… hope things are going great on your end!
    Just stopping in to say howdy!
    Big huge virtual hugs~

  6. this is off topic but in relation to what you said in your comment to have to have a taste for Bradbury in a way.  Now, I didn\’t when I was 16 and first read him..took me 2 chapters to be hoplessly hooked forever.  (Dandelion Wine) may or may not like this one.  Hope you do.  bear in mund it is not a mystery, a murder, nothing like that.  It is a fantasy delicately woven.


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