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One word to describe my vacation – FANTABULOUS Couldn’t think of a real word to describe it so I combined two. Sis brought her camera but as luck would have it, the batteries were dead. We went to the beach shop, no batteries. Uggg – Sis took a few with her camera phone so when she finally sends them, I’ll post them.

We left about noon on Thursday to check into the hotel. It was cloudy and threatening rain. So we went to the pool right away. Our "pool boy" Brandon, came over with our drinks and put up the umbrella. Brandon was good to us, brought us food, brought us drinks, towels and he was cute too. He had his hair slicked up into a Mohawk. He was probably all of 18. Just a baby in my eyes. There was a guitar player belting out those songs that brings back memories.

It started to rain so we just had another drink and talked, sat under the umbrella. I didn’t care if I got wet, after all we were at the pool. My brother showed up so all three of us were there. It was great. The rain did not last long, only about 10 minutes but remained over cast. Looking back I am really glad it was overcast. It made it more comfortable to sit outside. The kids didn’t care, they swam in the pool and begged to take the boogie boards down to the beach. The waves were incredibly high. We don’t typically get waves since we are on the Gulf but with all the storms they were about two feet high. I love watch them break and flow. The water is very warm, about 80 degrees. Kids report that while "surfing" they were in a wave and fish were jumping around them. I’ve had this happen before and it is a great experience to swim with the fishes (not like Capone though). Dinner was at the tiki bar, got the kids inside and in bed and you got it, back to the tiki bar.

Now at night there is a band. It was an ok band. Entertaining enough. I was standing at a table watching the dance floor when someone knocked the table and the candle flew off splashing hot wax down my leg. Wonderful. So I scrapped it off and of course it was all over my new flip flops. Ugggg Oh well, vacation serenity. The guy apologized over and over but it really wasn’t his fault. He set down his drink and went back to dance. Well you guessed it, next it was the drink down the leg. Time to change spots so I went up to the bar. Met up with a group of people there that were there with a youth baseball team from New Jersey. One guy was Haitian and made me think of the show Heroes. There was another guy from the area there was and celebrating his 44th Birthday. We all had drinks and celebrated (like we need a reason). He was cute too! So finally about 2:30 am I crawled into bed to sleep.

Since we had the kids we were up nice and early and walked down the beach for breakfast. It was the same place my mother worked while I was growing up. I spent a lot of time there as a kid so it was fun to look around. We spent a little time looking through beach shops and I bought a souvenir for the neighbors who were taking care of lil dog. (Side note, they said he was a bed hog and now they don’t want a dog, hehe) It was still overcast and Brandon was there. I spent the day there at the pool, read magazines, did the puzzles, read the paper, oh my it was so very relaxing.

Sis took the kids home so we were free for the evening. The plan was to drive south on the beach, park and bar hop our way back. When we got there, no music WHAT?! No way. So they recommended a place, we went there. As soon as we walked in was like – no way, not my type of place. You know that feeing that make the stomach kinda knot. The Jersey guys were with us. They jumped into the car as we were leaving. I thought at one point a fight would break out so we were outta there. Back to the hotel. The band that night Partners in Crime was kicking. Jersey guy was a great dancer and was into the music as much as I was. I danced so hard I think I lost a few pounds. They finally closed the bar down and kicked us out of the place. So the party followed us to our room. There was at least eight of us outside with the music going, having drinks and dancing. One lady was from Amsterdam and is a flight attendant. She was there with husband and child who were both peacefully sleeping in their room. She was a lot of fun to talk to. Another women just wondered up and sat down. Not sure where she was from, she was Asian. Everyone started roaming off to their rooms about 4:30. Amsterdam and I sat for a little longer both saying that we wish we had met the day before. Finally a little after 5 the security guard came and we then decided to call it a night. I can’t tell how long it has been since I was up all night partying. But I tell you – when I woke up was when I realized how much I had to drink. I was dying. Every bone ached and my stomach was rolling but I was smiling.

What a great time. I hated leaving. Some quick good-byes and home by noon. All and all a fantabulous 48 hours.


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  1. Sounds like fun!

  2. glad you had a great time.

  3. Now I could have had a super time right there with you.  In this case..wish I was there!  🙂

  4. I think the aching bones and upset stomach was small compared to the great time you had!
    Thanks for the visit to my space along with the birthday wishes. I lived my early childhood in Toronto. When I was a kid I too swam in Lake Erie.

  5. Thanks for dropping in and leave a comment, how did you make it? Are you friend with MSN? 🙂 Anyway, have a great Monday. Mei

  6. Most of my travels have put me in situations where people stay up all hours and it can take a little getting used to.  I\’m not a drinker so my stamina isn\’t really there sometimes.  I remember in the Philippines it\’s their custom to party and keep you up all hours before the flight home…for me that\’s about 12 hours back home so I usually get the party done a day early before heading back…works every time!

  7. Thanks for your comment!!  I LOVED your post but as a newbee to your space, where were you on vacation??  I can\’t beleive we haven\’t met sooner!!  I was \’snorting\’ all the way through reading that post!!  Glad you had a wondeful vacation!!  I love your writing!!  I post pretty much everyday and change music (Country!!).  You are SOOOOO added to my friends list!!  I will be back!!
    I have a Short-Haired Miniature Dachshund named Baxter!!  Yours looks just like him!! 
    Anyhow, so nice to meet you!!  Hope we become friends!
    Bob from So Cal~

  8. Sounds like a blast!!!!  And, considering the song you got playin\’, it was a bit Naughty!!  LOL You go girl!!!  Glad you enjoyed your vacation – I\’m sure you needed it, and Angels know – you deserved it!!

  9. Hi Wendy:
    Thank you so much for the kind and caring words you left for me.  Also, thank you for that sweet email.  By the time I read it, you weren\’t online anymore; but it was sweet of you to offer your support like that.
    Sad to say, I don\’t believe that the relationship with my son will ever improve and I\’m just too exhausted from fighting my health problems to be fighting with him anymore.
    Now, I\’m going to read about your vacation….brb!!
    LOL….your pool-boys name is the same as my grandson.
    OUCH!!  Hot wax down your leg??  That must have hurt!!  Also, I\’m happy to hear that you were standing beside the table and not dancing on top of it….lol.
    Sounds like you had a great weekend vacation.  Doesn\’t quite sound like my type of vacation…lol…but then, I\’m much older!!

  10. Lizzie-Beth4Him

    The parts of your vacation I would have enjoyed most was the being with family, at the pool, or at the beach, talking with people there, and the scenery.  So glad you had a great vacation. I like the pictures you included.
    Love and hugs,


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