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VACATION TIME – minus two days and counting

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Tikibar here I come! Long time readers know that Sis and I try to take vacation once a year. But the last two years, we did not. I’m not sure what happened to 2006, Sis had personal things going. 2007 was just too weird without mom at the end and me not working at the beginning of the year. Our last vacation was to Ft Myers with King Tom. What a great memory. <sigh>

So on Thursday we take the kids and go to the beach for two days. WOO HOO! Kids will be with us Thursday but on Friday, they go home and Sis and I stay. I got a new swimsuit, hat, sun lotion, flip flops (since mine were stolen) and umbrella. That should do it for the packing. I’m ready to go. We will be right on the beach with pool, tikibar, nightclub (note to self, pack more clothes). I just can’t wait! Guess what? You can go with me since I have the laptop now. I’ll try to post from my lounge chair poolside. Love ya all!


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  1. Have a lot of fun and take lots of pictures.

    Hi Wendy,
    I came back from blog break and snuck a look at comments. The new profile pic caught my eye (of course) so I had to stop by to see a larger version. Men are such The Visual Types, ya know 🙂  Especially when it comes to Good Lookers like you 😉
    Have a nice vacation. The word Tikibar is so relaxing in itself.
    Interesting how we see other bloggers so infrequently, but seem to remember the most amazing details. As soon as I saw your mention of the words King Tom and glanced at what-was-a-familiar-pic, I recalled your trip two years back from discussions about it back then.
    Now, who in the world steals flip-flops?

  3. Jaegermeister is a beauty. What beautiful colors. King Tom brought back lots of memories. Enjoy and look forward to hearing from you at the bar.


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