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Another Anne Adventure

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I look at Anne’s pictures and can hardly believe this is where I call home. Such beauty in this world. Even this morning rain makes it seem cool and fresh. Enjoy your Sunday everyone.


Since I’m a computer jockey who sits on her butt all week, when the weekend comes I’m ready for some serious exercise. (And, Lucky-for-Me, my weekend starts on Friday!!!) Wayne gets plenty of exercise at his job, so we decided that it would be good for me to get in my "kayak marathon" on Fridays while he’s at work. So that’s what I did today. Now we can have a relaxing adventure tomorrow.

I had originally planned to paddle around Ft. DeSoto, but I’m really fond of Shell Key. I had pretty much decided to paddle around Shell Key before I got to my little launch place, but when I got there and noticed waves in the bayou and a decent wind, I decided for sure that the shorter route around Shell Key would be a better choice. So that’s what I did. I launched at about 10:30 am at high tide.

When I got to the north end of the island I got out of the boat for a little beach combing and wading. Flipper decided to join me.

A flock of Least Terns.

Great Egrets.

A White Ibis.

I think this is the remains of an airplane. This "feathered friend" lost his wings.

Well, I guess he had been warned.

The wind and waves were pretty rough. It wouldn’t have been a good day to fly an ultralight, but it was a fun day to be in a kayak!

It was, as usual, a gorgeous Florida day.

After a good workout and some nice beach time, I returned to my launch spot at around 2:45 pm at low tide. Notice the styrofoam cooler top I found floating in the bayou. The wind was pretty much at my back and I held that baby up in the wind and was able to sail with it.

Until next time….

Take it easy,



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    I am a bit envious..Wow…gorgeous day and photos.

  2. Hey, that looks like fun!  I know someone else who likes to kayak  😉   I\’m going to have come to Florida for a visit!

  3. Nice Pics…thanks

  4. Hi Wendy:
    Sorry I\’ve been MIA…lol…bad timing; you come back and I disappear.  I\’ve been going back in your blogs to catch up on your life.  Your patio with all the flowers sounds so beautiful.  I bet it\’s lovely to sit out there on a warm day with a good book and enjoy your flowers.  That was so nice of your friend to hook a hose up for you to make your watering easier.
    I love gardening, too.  I\’m not doing nearly as much this year as I normally do.  I guess, eventually, I\’ll get to the point where I can\’t garden at all.  I\’ll be very sad when that day comes, because I just love having beautiful flowers around and with flowers comes the lovely butterflies.  Have you noticed how few and far-between they are this year?
    I was wondering…is Anne really a different person, or is it you writing under a pen name…lol?

  5. These are freakin\’ awesome!!!!  My favorite is the 3rd one (flying birds).  Is your friend a Hobby-photog?  Cool shots!

  6. when we got married we lived in Melborne/Palm Bay.  I still miss the area terribly.  He worked at the Cape as did everyone else it seems.  May I ask where you are?  Or have you told me and like water through the tines of a slipped right on thru?  😉

  7. I like the picture with the flock of least terns.  Great colours!

  8. Oh, I dunno *kicks toes in sand…regrets that as sand fleas attack*  I say we in Melborne and Palm Bay and Cocoa beach have more, shall we say, ocean!  (I love the Tampa area…and that bridge scares the bejeepers outta me!)

  9. Wendy!  Hi woman!  Wow… sounds like an ADVENTURE!  Thanks for popping by to check on me… I appreciate ya.  Sorry I have been a blog slacker… gotta work on that!  (grin!)
    Love ya… – have a great day
    and of course…
    Virtual hugs~

  10. Lizzie-Beth4Him

    Such beauty!  Thanks for sharing these.  It was like a mini vacation.


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