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So I’ve been away for awhile. Let me try to catch up without boring everyone. The first part of 2007 was horrible <shudder> but I made it through. A year ago, July 5th I started my new job. (BTW I just scheduled my vacation woo-hoo) The company manages trust funds for disabled individuals. Mostly mass lawsuit recipients that are paranoid schizophrenic (a very interesting group of people…), others are children or aged.  I was interviewed for a receptionist job. After being unemployed for six months I was ready to take just about any job. I was hired as a rep in the call center. That job still gives me nightmares. I was then promoted to case manager the next week. I had the experience and was qualified but I really didn’t want to do the job. But I did it, for a month. Then I went to trust oversight, sales, systems analysis, life insurance and now marketing. I am hoping this is where I stay for awhile. I’m enjoying this position that was thrown on me the first of May. I get to tell people where to go.   I book conventions, arrange the travel and hotels, get lists and more lists and send out promotional materials. Eventually I will travel too. This month I will attend my first convention as an exhibitor. I’m still doing some of the other jobs, it’s not that they changed my jobs, just added to it. So now when asked what my position is I have to determine what hat I am wearing at that time.

So now, after a year, I just bought a car and a computer. Life is starting to feel "normal" again. Think about it, no car, no computer. FOR A YEAR! Gosh, I how did I survive? LOL

Lil dog is still my constant companion. We’ve been through alot together. I almost lost him twice last year, I don’t know how I would have survived without him. But he is fine and just as cute and funny as ever. Everyone loves the Jaegermiester. He loves to visit the neighbors and when I tell him who we are going to see he knows just which apartment it is. I’m not sure how he knows since all the doors look the same, all the buildings look the same but he knows. His favorite is to visit the cats. My upstairs neighbor has two huge cats, they are bigger than lil dog. They have called a truce and get along very well now, especially since lil dog stopped chasing them under the bed.  He likes the pool too. Now I know that dogs aren’t allowed but he’s just a lil dog! He only goes when no one else is there. Let’s go to the pool and through the gate he goes. He has discovered that he can walk around the edge and get his belly wet. If I want him to swim I used to have to drag him in. I say used to – last week as I was swimming he joined me. Maybe because I was splashing him or maybe just because he was hot but he jumped on his own. Chasing lizards is his favorite past time outside and he never bothered much with the water.

Last year I took up gardening. It felt good to get outside and get my hands dirty. So now my screened in porch is a mini jungle. I have begonias, bougainvilleas, new guinea inpatients, orchid and various other plants I don’t even know or remember the names. So my view is of flowers and the pool. It’s a great view and I love to come home and watch the sun set on the plants. Of course every morning I have to get up and water them. My friend put a faucet on the inside of the porch so that makes it so much easier. I have a short hose, one of those coil types with a shower nozzle. Lil dogs love the hose and barks at the spray and tries to bite the water. He gets all wet and then rolls all over the carpet. Good thing they clean it once a year. 

Well, not much more to tell. Still happily single.  Life keeps on happening and it is a journey. Glad to get back and I can’t wait to catch up with all of you and meet some new friends. Take care my friends.

In the true Rosebay fashion, here’s something to watch.




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    Like I said were missed. Sounds as though you are having an easier time with life these days. I am too aware of the feeling of no job. It sucks. This past October I was laid off and I had NO clue it was coming. what a shocker that was, but I am overcoming the bitterness and feelings of betrayal now. LOL.
    More later as I am on my way to work. Again, welcome back, my Friend. You truly were missed.

  2. right on!  it\’s good to see you blogging again, Wendy!  and that pool sounds inviting!  I like your lil dog!  I think dogs make the best friends, don\’t you think?  You let him in the pool??  ohhhh naughty!  i\’m telling!  😉

  3. fabulous to hear from you again! i\’m glad everything is starting to smooth out after a rocky start last year. 

  4. You are a Good Girl and life should treat you as such…I\’m buying.

  5. Great Photos. Thanks

  6. I told you in the beginning of all the "shuddering" turmoil that you could come out on the other end happy.  Glad to see that I was right!!
    Love ya Floridian Goddess!!


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