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Up to the Spring WITH a Paddle!!!!

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Friends – I have to introduce you to Anne. Anne has the greatest adventures kayaking down the Florida rivers and takes spectacular pictures. She just gave me permission to publish her works. So here is Anne on her last adventure. I can’t wait to share some of her past ones that I have stored. Enjoy!

I finally got to paddle up the Weeki Wachee to the spring and back. I’ve really been jonesing for a good paddling and I got one today. Since I already have Fridays off my boss gave me my July 4th holiday today and I got up early and was at Rogers Park by about 9:30. I like to paddle up the Weeki Wachee, it’s an excellent workout (though it was pretty easy in my bullet-fast sea kayak).

There was a little fog on the river in the morning.

Sign, sign, everywhere a sign….

Anyone caught having fun on this river will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law


By the way, there is no alcohol allowed on the river. As you may know, I pick up trash when I’m out there. Guess what kind of cans I found? Not a single soda can. ALL beer cans. No comment.

As long as I’m on a soap box, how come dogs aren’t allowed on the river? I clean up after my dog, which is more than I can say for the cretin who left a diaper on the bank. I didn’t pick up that trash. Sorry, no photo.

The spring, no vessels allowed!

A turtle. I bet he’s the one who drank all that beer!

I let my camera take all the risk looking up the hollow log. No bears in there!

Aquamarine spring water.

Oh, and since this lady had a calf with her, I bet she’s the one who left the diaper;-)

All that exercise made me a smart-alec. Thanks for listening to my tirade!

Take it easy,



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  1. Some cool pictures!  Florida looks like a great place to visit!

  2. Oh My Gosh !
     I have missed you L-A-D-Y. Welcome back and thank you for remembering me ! Beautiful pics, to say the least. Please don\’t be a stranger.


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