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Maxium "Max" was put to sleep on Thursday. Seems empty here. The vet tried to convince me to give him a week of treatment and surgery. I knew in my heart that it was time for him. I don’t think the vet agreed. When he was given the shot it was discovered he had a heart problem and the vet said that was one thing he could not fix. He agreed that it was the best thing for him. Funny how intution works. I just knew and was so at peace with it. I miss him but I believe even my lil dog knew it was time. He has not shown any signs of anxiety other than the first day. Yesterday I got rid of his bedding. He will be there to meet me in heaven.

I am in my new place and really love it. It is a one bedroom (no more roommates, yeah!) 820 sq ft. It is just the perfect size for me. Lil dog has adjusted extremely well to walking on a leash and we only had one accident (very good for him). People are friendly here, met a young lady across the hall (she’s about 25) and she has a lil dog like mine. They are going to have play dates. I think my lil dog is in love (haha).

My son has just moved his girlfriend to FL. I’m excited for him. I can telll when he talks about her, his face glows, that this is a good thing for him. They arrive today and I can’t wait to meet her. He has a sensitive soul so I hope she will take care of him right.

I have a job offer selling insurance. I know the products and believe in them especially long term care insurance. The only thing that is holding me back is it is all commision. That is scarey for me. I am also working on a job at a bank as head teller. The salary is a little below what I was working but the benefits are fantastic. And there is room for growth. It is a small community bank that is more concerned for the customer than it is how much fees they can collect. I would fit very well there as I did the job for 8 years before I went into legal work. It would be good for me and I hope to hear reuslts this week.

Well that’s all the news I have so far. Say a prayer this bank job comes through. I’ll try to keep in touch more often. Thank you all for your support and concern. I only wish I could visit your space without crashing the computer. Loves!!!


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  1. Let me be the first to leave a comment! 
    Hey Wendy!  Good to see you back and blogging again.  Very sorry to hear about your dog.  Max must have been quite the pet.   
    I\’m glad you found a nice place to live.  Sounds like you really like it there 🙂
    Have a great week!

  2. Sorry to read that your friend has gone. Sad yet happy momnets. You did the right thing.

    Wendy, sorry about Max, but this is great how your apartment, work, and life is all coming together so nicely! Through your writing, you sound tons better than you have the last few months. I\’m so happy for you! Here\’s praying that the community bank gig comes through for you!!!! I can\’t wait to hear one way or the other 🙂

  4. My son had to put his dog to sleep a few months ago.  He, an adult, cried like a child.  I am very sorry for your loss.

  5. Hey Wendy… so sorry about your loss.. we get so attached to those creatures.. but you did what needed to be done to put an end to his suffering.  I am again sorry.  I think your apartment and jobs sound good.  Congrats to your son.. it is great to be in love.  Take good care of yourself and know that we miss you and think about you when you are away.    Big huge virtual hugs~

  6. Dear Wendy:
    It\’s been too long since I\’ve left you a message. 
    I am very sorry for your loss.  I\’m glad that you\’re at peace with your decision.  It is so damnably hard to let go of these bundles of joy who bring so much into our lives.  Yes, we will meet all of our former beloved pets in Heaven one day.
    I\’m glad your move from the larger digs into this smaller one has been a happy one for you.  I\’m debating madly whether I should buy – at my age.  The logical answer may not be to do so.  Sometimes I do yearn for a home of my own but this wonderful apartment which I moved into when I left my husband three and a half years ago has been a real home to me and I so love this neighbourhood.  I\’m not sure how much I will gain by investing so much money.
    The bank job sounds very good.  I do wish you well.  There comes this time in our life when we value quality over quantity and it sounds like a good place AND a good place for a kind person like you.
    Many hugs,

  7. One of your favourite shows starts tonight — Dancing With The Stars.  I know what you\’re going to be watching tonight!

  8. So sorry to hear about Max, I truly am.  Good for you for making the best decision for him, he\’s comfortable now.  I\’m glad you are loving your apt. and that you have a some good job leads.  Best of luck getting exactly what you want!

  9. Hey Goddess!!!!
    I\’m sorry about BigDog.  I know that\’s a hard thing to do.  The 2-year anniversary of Pooch\’s passing was Sunday.  I\’m glad it gets easier – finally.  I never thought it would.
    I\’m joining in late here……I hope you got the job at the bank!!!!!
    Nice to hear you have settled into your new place.
    Howz the son\’s girlfriend?  You didn\’t have to get all "Monster-In-Law" on her, did you?
    Hope you\’re getting all of the best you deserve!!!!
    Take care~

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  11. How  are  you?I  am  a chinese girl.Today,I come your space .It`s  so  surppres.I know so little English.Bue I am  vrey  very happy.

  12. Hey there!  Even though we email more than blog each other, just the same I\’m gonna leave another comment just for the heck of it!  Hope you\’re enjoying Florida weather.  Here on the good ol\’ west coast we\’ve been having 20 straight days of rain.  I gonna get some wood and build me an ark!  And if the animals start showing up in pairs, I know I\’m on the right track 😉  But today the sun broke through and we had some sunshine.  Oh how the sun teases us!

  13. Hi stranger. I am so sorry about Max….the pain of losing a dog is every bit as bad as losing any loved one.
    And as for the bank job (thats sounds so illegal to say it like that!)……LUCK! 

  14. Hi Wendy:  Long time no see.  Sorry about Max hun….he\’s waiting for you at Rainbow Bridge and one day you\’ll be reunited with your friend and he\’ll have lots of kisses for you.  You did the right thing….he\’s at peace now.
    The bank job sounds great….I hear where you\’re coming from when you say that commision only makes you nervous…\’s nice to have a set pay every month to budget on.
    Great news on your son….makes the heart feel good when our kids are happy.
    Hope you\’ll be able to visit your blog friends soon.

  15. Sounds like life is settling in nicely! 820 sq feet? i have no idea how big that is, I know that as a family of four we once lived in a 62sq meter place, and that was time, it is for four though, for 1/2 its perfect, not too much cleaning and you can still entertain… just not on a huge scale! lol!
    Hope you are well, so so sorry that the doglet had to be put to sleep, never nice when that happens, but like you said, you know doglet is waiting for you!

  16. Hello, my dear!  We\’ve been traveling for nearly three weeks!  Two weeks in Salt Lake and another in Kansas City.  🙂  All with family.  It\’s been fun, but my goodness am I ever ready to settle down for a little while!!  😀
    I\’m glad to get an update…  I had been thinking about calling you but with traveling it\’s hard to find time.  I even thought about you while driving through Kentucky (you know why).  xoxoxoxoxo

  17. Hugssssssssssssssssssssssss Wendy Rose,
    Awwwwww I\’m so sorry to hear about your dog.  I know how hard it is.  I have 4 dogs plus daddy\’s.  7 chickens 4 cats.  One just had 4 kittens a few days ago.  One more is preg.  I will have too many kittens soon.  lol  My dogs don\’t know cats and want to chase them.  Poor pete has got slapped a few times, yet he don\’t give up.  Even my scoldings don\’t stop him.  I tell him the cats are our friends to. lol  Where are you at now?  I\’m so sry I have not been around much since Momma passed away.  I finally got my computer up but I still have problems with MSN too.  Taking care of Daddy keeps me busy.  It is hard living at home again.  I understand about moving.  I had not moved in 32 years.  I had all my stuff in a tiny house but can\’t find room in this big one. lol
    Plus you can\’t fit two into one.  Daddy says it is mine but everytime I go to do something.  What am I doing? or When you gonna do this?  I\’m lazy and do things when I get ready lol  I\’m retired I have earned the right to be lazy now.  I do what needs to be done.  He wants 3 meals a day.  I\’m used to cooking one.  We are getting used to it all now.  It gets better.  Take care and big hugssssssss for you. 

  18. hey you.. time to post again.. we miss you!
    Virtual hugs~

  19. Hi Wendy:  It\’s been such a long time since I\’ve heard from you, so I thought I\’d pop my head in here and let you know that I\’m thinking about you.  I guess life is getting in the way of your blogging…lol.

  20. Hope you are well. i worry when I dont hear from people for a while.
    Take care.

  21. Hi Wendy:
    Just came by to say hello again.  I hope all is well.

  22. hey you… long time no chat.. I just thought I would pop on over and wish you a happy mother\’s day!
    with love
    and virtual hugs~

  23. p.s.  DUH!  Have a wonderful birthday on the 13th as well!!  What a gift you were to your mom.  I love it when Devin\’s birthday falls on mothers day!
    Take care!

  24. HEY!  Oh, guess I could just email you~

    Hi Wendy,
    Wondering how you have been …. Here\’s hoping all is well with YOU!

  26. Happy Labor(less) Day…Enjoy it! 

  27. Hi Wendy:
    I was wondering how you\’ve been.  It\’s been so long since you\’ve blogged.  I hope everything is okay.


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