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I’m alive!!

Well I’m back. Sorry to just disappear on all of you. I missed you all very much. Thank you all for the comments and concern. Email is a good way to catch me now. Feel free.

I joined the ranks of the unemployed and it took a few days to get back. It was the best thing. I tried to quit 12/05 but stayed on since the boss was going for surgery, then didn’t leave when he came back. I was suffering from major burn out. It came to the point that I hated going into the office everyday much less the work. I had two job offers the day I left and an email requesting an interview only a few hours after posting my resume on Monster. So I won’t be unemployed for very long.


I’ll also be moving this weekend. It took 2 weeks to find some place that would accept the 90 pound dog. Almost had to give him up but than goodness I didn’t (had for 8 years). So how do you get the stuff from a 3 bedroom split plan house into a one bedroom apartment? Salvation Army is going to very happy. But I am very happy about the change. Screened in porch and close to the pool and laundry. It’s in the very back and there is a field beyond the parking to take the dogs to. On the end so only a neighbor on one side and since it is a building of one bedroom apartments, not many kids around. It’s not a real fancy place but I like it.


My home computer SUCKS big time. Running Windows 98, no sound card, no video card. Even entries are very hard so I’m afraid I won’t get around too much. I can read your comments and I hope to post again very soon. Most of my blog stuff was on the work computer so I need to start my collection all over again. I may re-post some old stuff but you all probably haven’t seen. I’ll try to be around from sis’ computer maybe this weekend. I’m looking forward to this band new life of mine.


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  1. Found her!!!!

    Hi Rosebay,
    Well, you have some major change-of-life things going on, so it is very understandable about your blog break. Though it is not over, you did end the blog with some pretty good upbeat words of "I\’m looking forward to this brand new life of mine", so I pray this is indeed the case. If so, you are coming back nicely following the burnout.
    Ya know, we have been Spaces friends here for three-quarters of a year or so. I must tell you how much I admire you .. for your positive outlook more-often-than-not even when things are far-from-perfect in your real life .. for your concern and care for your online friends .. for your love of animals and what thay says of you as an overall person .. and even for maintaining a beautifully designed Space in spite of computer woes. For consolation on any times you are feeling down, please know how a number of us hold you in very high regard and are rooting for you from afar. Best wishes for a successful move this weekend. If I lived down there, I, for one, would have loved to offer you a hand.
    See ya back here on blogland soon 😉

  3. WOOOHOOO!  WELCOME BACK!!  Wow….lots of changes in your life, but you sound very upbeat and happy so they must be very good changes.  I\’m glad you get to keep your dog….that would have been sad if you had to give him up.  A POOL??  You lucky duck.  I love swimming and I used to live in an apartment building that had an indoor pool.  I was in it everyday.  I really miss it.
    Looks like you\’ll be needing a new computer now…lol.  Hope you can get around to visit soon….I\’ve missed you.

  4. Hey you!!  Welcome back.. we did miss will be on your feet in no time.. I can totally relate to the moving.. going from a 2000 plus sq. foot home to a 1400 sq. foot apartment.. with three kids… WEEEEE!!!!  So yea… I can relate.. hang in there girl.. when one door closes another opens.. things will work out great!! 
    Love ya..
    Virtual hugs~

  5. I LOVE the media you\’re playing today.  Don\’t know if it\’s been there and just not working or if it\’s new but it\’s hilarious!!!  Glad I opened it at lunch!
    Hope you\’re doing well.

  6. Here\’s the promised update!  I was thinking about you this morning–Happy Valentine\’s Day!  🙂

    Hi Rosebay,
    Happy Valentine\’s Day!!!

  8. Stopping by to wish you well.  Enjoy your brief period of unemployment.

  9. Great to know you are OK. With the major changes in your life right now, it is most understandable that you haven\’t been blogging. When would you have had time, especially without all your spaces information at your fingertips. Stop by when you have time W. Been missing you. Sharon and Roscoe say hi.

  10. Hello ,
    I came to wish you ,
    a wonderful & beautiful sunday .
    Take care my friend .
              Hugs & kisses
            Anne – catherine *

  11. Wow..I like your site…it made me smile…

  12. Glad to hear that you\’re Ok with the changes Life has given you. The only constant in life is change so you might as well embrace it. As long as you are happy we, your loyal fan are happy!

  13. Wow Wendy, i didnt realize life was so hetic for you lately. Good luck on picking the new job….you did the right thing by leaving a situattion where you are not happy….I should learn a lesson from you.
    You are missed but not forgotten….take your time and we will be here for you when you ride back into town.

  14. Glad I stopped by to see that you\’re still alive & kickin\’!  Hope your life is settling a bit…

  15. Hello, my dear!  I\’m thinking about you!  🙂

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