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Holiday Blues

The holidays are upon us, and not everyone is happy about it.
"Holiday Blues" is a very real thing.

Some are out of work:

Some start drinking, thinking it will help their holiday depression:

and others will turn to crime to make an easy buck.

Those who can afford it may just take off and go to some sunny island resort to escape.

The holidays can just drive you crazy with all the commercialism.


As a friend let me tell you:


Thanks Alicia for today’s post.

Don’t let the holiday blues get to  you.

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  1. Awe!  If that doesn\’t help cure the blues, I don\’t know what will!!!!

  2. SO CUTE!  I don\’t have holiday blues, but I\’ve been meaning to blog about this…  We went to Wal-Mart the other day (pre-Thanksgiving but only barely) and I was so saddened by the look on peoples\’ faces.  It was disheartening.  I was so grateful that we have a warm house and places to sleep and so much happiness in our home.  In spite of the problems of life, huh?  🙂  xoxoxo and thanks for the ADORABLE post!!!


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