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Beth Marie’s Jim passed away Friday

Beth Marie’s husband passed away. Her entry:

Today I lost my best friend…

Today I lost the dearest friend that I have had for 51 years.  Tomorrow would have been our anniversary.
Jim passed away this afternoon at 3:15 PM at St James Hospital close to Chicago.  My heart is broken.
Thank you all for the kind thoughts and prayers you shared with us these past months.  Bless you all.


Poor Beth. Can you even imagine 51 years? Everyone go by and leave a comment of comfort and support. She will need our community now more than ever.

If you feel up to it, light a candle to remember…

If you do, please enter "BM" in the group name so Beth Marie can find your light.





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  1. Oh Rosebay!
    I came to answer your question, but see you had a devasting loss. So sorry! My condolences!
    To your query, I\’d probably recommend one of the top ones in your town at Coldwell Banker Residential RE. Call them directly if you want and speak to whoever answers, or email me if you want me to talk to the area manager about a top producer and have them contact you. I get credit for that sort of thing, but do as you like. Should you email me, give me again your last name, address, phone, and any particulars you want to share such as house style, time frame, etc.
    Again, so sorry about your Jim!!!!! I cry when my friends (you!) have anquish like you do today! You have been a wonderful friend to me!

  2. Thank you for sharing that Wendy.
    And thank you for not telling me all about your warm weather at this particular time!

  3. This is beautiful what you created for Beth Maria.  It is very sad that Jim died.  I pray she is OK….

  4. Awww – that is so sad!  I hope she finds comfort in her memories.

  5. This is so very sad. I just went to her space. Thanks for letting us know. Prayers are going up.


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