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Daily Overview for November 27, 2006

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Reach out to your friends and share your problems. It’s a great way to reconnect.

So said my horoscope a few days ago. I have been absent of my visits of late. Work is so busy that even when I borrow a computer to take home I rarely feel like using it. I have missed all of  you and visiting your blogs very much

But I think I was ready for a break. Last week I was on vacation and never went online all week. It was wonderful not to be looking at this screen.

I had planned turkey sandwiches for me and the dogs on Thanksgiving. Usually my sister cooks but she did not this year. I was truly quite content with the sandwich idea. Then I found that my son was not having dinner with his father and that mom was eating in the dining room where she lived. SO, Wednesday I went to the store and bought a turkey breast and all the fixings and cooked. I even baked cookies (those who know me would fall on the floor with that). My first Thanksgiving dinner. That just proves that the domestic goddess still lives inside, somewhere. LOL It actually turned out very well.

My brother, who moved in and was renting the back apartment, moved out suddenly on Sunday. I came home and he was gone. Not a word from him. I didn’t mind his moving just the lack of notice. When I did finally talk to him he said he had moved in with his girlfriend of three months. He also told me not to rent his room quite yet. Well I’m going to have to soon.

The house has been for sale for several months now with not one bite. I am now thinking of hiring a realtor so I can unload this beast off my back. With over 1600 square feet it is too much house. I tried so hard to make it a nice home but I still hate it (long story, it’s here somewhere). I dream of the day I can move to a nice apartment with a balcony. No busy street. No neighbors complaining.


Work s***s and I pray everyday (see previous post). Burn out is very high after doing the same job for over eleven years. I love my boss and his wife (co-boss) very much but some days… The other day he said our productivity was down. Well, yeah… He let one person go and the other two of us has had to absorb her work. So "my" work gets pushed aside to go to the appointments this other person did. Half of my week now is in client meetings where before it was only an hour or two. I feel like I keep fighting an up hill battle. We spend the most time and effort on the lowest paying clients and the clients who pay the "big" bucks get ignored. Those of us being paid the most are doing data input and clerical work while the clerical people are sitting on their hands. So I constantly trying to get the work load and the focus re-adjusted. I went through this same thing in 2000 and made a difference. Now I’m just "complaining".

As far as love…  Maybe one day.

I compiled the strangest mix of music for my time off. From Ray Charles to Korn and about everything in between. Maybe I should make a music list of them just so you know how diverse my tastes are when it comes to music. My favorites right now, hmmmm, The Kill by 30 Seconds to Mars and Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol and a few others.  

The dogs are great.  Big dog has lost significant weight but he still has problems with his hips. He has started falling which is scary. He doesn’t stand for a very long time and prefers to lay down. But he is happy, still playing, looking forward to his meals and always at my feet.


Lil dog is just as cute as can be. He is my cuddlier and makes me laugh often. Yesterday he was doing circles for his food when he ran into the entertainment center. He hit it so hard I thought I heard a whimper but he just kept turning his circles. He can play fetch for hours and if I hide the toy, he keeps looking until he finds it.


So I now have Pixie the cat. She is a little thing. I almost never see her except when she runs in and eats. She belongs to son but he can’t keep her where he’s at right now. But all she has to do is hear his voice and she is there. You can really see the love between those two. She’s cute but ugly (if you know what I mean). Her coat is gray and orange tabby marbling. You can’t tell from this picture but it is odd coloring.


Son has a girlfriend. Only thing is she lives in Baltimore. He has flown up a couple of times but has a hard time getting off work to go up. I haven’t met her yet but it does my heart good to know he has found love. I keep telling him to move. He’s young enough to start some place new. But he told his dad he would help pay the bills until his dad started receiving disability. Around here it could take up to 2 years! His birthday is Saturday and he will be 23 (OMGoodness). I am really too young to have a child that age. LOL



So Christmas is coming. Holidays have become so strange for me without anyone around. It’s been almost two years since son moved out. At first it was great but now I miss having the "kids" around. His friends still come to visit every so often and I am thrilled they still think of me and call me mom2. The question is, tree or no tree? Last year I went with no tree and just put out my favorite decorations. I really liked this option.

The tribute book for KT is on the left by the friends list. If you have the option to save, do so. It is a large file and take time to download. Thanks to all of you that posted about him and therefore, ended up in the tribute. If you need it sent to you, just email me at


So I guess that’s it for now. Hoping to visit everyone on Friday. Boss is out of town and everyone is on vaca but me and the receptionist. See you around…


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  1. Hey!!!!  Nice to stop by and actually read something about YOU.  I SO have to do the catch up thing myself.   Thanks for sharing the video!!
    Miss you and the whole crazy crew~

  2. Hi there:  Lots going on in your life right now….I\’m not surprised you\’ve been absent from this place….you just don\’t have time for it.
    I have decided, for the first time in my life, that I\’m not putting up a tree this year.  It\’s so much work putting it all up and taking it down.  I just don\’t think my back can handle it this year.  So, I vote not tree…lol.
    That sure sucks at your work.  And it\’s happening all over the place.  Bosses are letting people go to save themselves money and it all falls on the poor employees left behind.  It\’s just not fair!!
    Would have been nice if your brother had given you some notice.  And asking you not to rent it right away doesn\’t really sound fair.
    Take your time having a rest from your blog….your friends will be here when you come back.

  3. Hi there!  I know how you feel about the computer.  We spend so much time in front of them, it\’s nice to take a break every once and a while.  We miss you but understand 🙂  I think you should get a small tree, a table topper.  It\’s relaxing to turn all the lights off (except the tree), sit and stare at the tree in the evening hours.  Have some cookies and hot chocolate, although you\’re in FL so you might want a cold glass of milk.  Have a great weekend!

  4. So much going on for you! Wow. I\’m glad you had some time away from the computer. I do that every now and then. More and more of late. Geeze, your brother is insensitive. I won\’t go on about people like that. But it bugs me to hear how a gf comes before family. Anywoo, I gotta run off to a party soon. Be good.

  5. How are you recently, I miss Tom and his friends so much, do you know, when I chatted with Tom before, we talked  about you, I thought some day, if we go to Florida, I wanted Tom recommend you to me,because you are very pretty, I saw your pictures. Do you remember I sent you a birthday card, Tom told me your birthday, so I was so happy to do that, because I like you very much.

  6.     Hello Friend
    I came to wish you a wonderful sunday .
    Take care & hope to hear from you soon …
    It\’s been a long time with no news from you ,
    I hope you are ok ?
               Hugs & kisses
                     Anne – catherine *

  7. Hey! I haven\’t been around blogging land much either. and I do agree that work s—s; it has really done so since late October. At times I think we are back in the old ages with work but it is really a situation of getting the most you can with the least possible. What\’s really a b is when the compensation s—s. Yet, money isn\’t really the answer for me.
    The video is GREAT and I had a good laugh looking at your …need to pray at work cards. Thanks for posting the current family pics. I love them and how Lil dog keeps looking for his toy. Sharon has our dog so "whacked out" all she has to do is pull out a flashlight and he starts running around looking for the light (that isn\’t on). Ugly kitten doesn\’t look so ugly in the pic.
    You know how life is – ups and downs, and all that. KT\’s passing really didn\’t help, I am certain. I\’m not making light of anything. Just keep praying. Do what you feel is right. Do what you enjoy. As I have said before, plan for tomorrow but live for today. Listen to music. Play with the animals. Call the son. Enjoy a cold one.
    Come on over when you can.
    Big HUGS.

  8. What a great update!!!  My gosh a lot is going on!!!!!  It sounds like work is becoming more and more stressful–instead of anticipating digging into the work load, you\’re dreading the overload…  😦  NO FUN.  And YES, you are DEFINITELY too young to have a baby that old!!!  lol 
    Scooter\’s back in his room, supposed to be taking a nap, but instead he\’s jabbering into his fan and listening to his voice coming back to him sounding all choppy–it\’s adorable.  And it will be for another ten minutes or so until Mama plays bad guy and puts him back to bed.  At least the cat\’s not back there egging him on!!!!!  lol

  9. Things will get better soon when the house goes and the boss fills the gap. Cheer!


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