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Happy Birthday Steve 10/24

Happy Birthday to Steve


Packs of Boy Scouts follow you wherever you go.
Your medicine cabinet actually contains medicine.

Two words: nose hairs.

Removing the tag from the mattress is your idea of rebellion.
Parts of you that you wish would grow just keep shrinking.
Parts of you that you wish would shrink just keep growing.
You can drive for hours with your turn signal blinking.
More bran.
And the number one sign you’re getting older:

Birthday blogs like this
are a little too true
to be funny anymore.

Happy Birthday!!!

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  1. Wendy, Okay, you really nailed me! I\’m so flattered, yet aghast at your thoughtful recognition delivered with such precision! Huh? Anyway, I can definitely relate with all those reasons, some more than others. Number five reminded me of George from Seinfeld, "But I was in the pool!" May you always get what you gave! And you heard it here first: "44 is the new 34"!Many thanks!

  2. Wendy, that video up there was priceless! As was the list below it.  I think that there is one item missing from it however.
    And that would be EAR hairs. I know, I know… EWWWWW… Right?
    Hey, I just calls\’em like I see\’em.
    steve (the other one)

  3. LOL…I love video.
    Thanks for your supporting words about my diet…first day went great.  This diet I\’ve chosen is a good one….I think it\’s going to work.

  4. Thanks for coming by and wishing me good luck….guess what??….I actually lost 3 pounds yesterday…seriously!!  I stepped on the scale twice to make sure….woooohoooo!!  I like this diet.

  5. Wendy The Good Little Witch? I always thought your smile was just a little bit wicked but maybe i was wrong, anyway, I like the new Icon although I will miss your smiling face. You know your space always brightens my day and seeing as it cold and dark here today, I really needed it ,so thanks.

  6. Very funny! 
    Yet – the getting older deal is hitting a little close to home as I\’m fast approaching the downhill slide toward 50.  Woohoo! (not so much)
    And I\’ll send a shout out to Steve too – HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

  7. Hey Chica!!!!
    Just checkin in on ya.  Hope you\’re having a GREAT day!!!!  I really miss blogging!!!!

  8. lol @ just the one word "Bran" .. lol

  9. Oh oh………..I recognize quite a few of these……and here I thought I was still a spring chickie lol.


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