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Trashing the dog

My special thanks to Steve White for sending me the video for the week. Awww come on, it’s funny!! Now go say thank you to him.

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  1. omg!  that\’s the worst!

  2. I say hello to you !

  3. Hi There:  My computer guy was just here and he put in a patch for me, so now I can do Windows upgrades.  But, he told me to wait awhile before I upgrade to IE 7.0…..he said that there\’s still a lot of bugs in it.  He said that my spaces wouldn\’t open because I must have programmed something wrong in the HTML.  So, deleting the blog was the right way to go.  Thank you again for helping me.

  4. Yes, that is funny. That is from a canadian show, the Just For Laughs group, who operate out of Montreal, Quebec, Canada. They do crazy harmelss stunts like that on people and it is to pee your pants over! 
    Take care. 

  5. I\’m sorry I haven\’t been around…for some reason your site hasn\’t been allowing me to leave a comment.  Anyhoo, how have you been??
    HUGS!!!  🙂

  6. Wendy,
    I visited Tampa Bay (CROWNE PLAZA HOTEL) and stayed in a private condo @ Innisbrook Golf Course about 1 1/2 years ago. I usually end up in Hollywood Beach ( that is where a friend has a beachfront condo), Orlando, Kissimmee, Ft. Lauderdale…etc. It is about time to to get to the Western side of Fla. again. I am originally from the Myrtle Beach, S.C. area. that is why I love the ocean so much. Born and raised there.
    Not sure about the video..although it did make me laugh. 😉
    Come back soon.

  7. It is funny. I see you have "been scouting around." I enjoyed the great outdoors this past weekend at the Fall Camporee. Cold and tiring. Still fine!

  8. Good Morning!  Hope all is well with you! I am looking out the window at snow!!! EWWWWW!  Too early!! LOL!!
    Have a great weekend!

  9. A little mean spirited don\’t you think? If it had been me, he would have been trying to explain while prying my fingers from around his throat. While I\’m not a pet person, I don\’t like people that abuse animals so I might have reacted badly in a situation like this. Glad to see you are still enjoying life.


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