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Happy Birthday Denise

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Happy Birthday Denise!

What?! You are 21 AGAIN!!!



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  1. AWWW .. shucks.. yes for the second time.. plus one!! LOL!!  I laugh when they I.D. me at the store and bar.. too funny.  Thank you so much for the shout out.. you are too sweet!!  I appreciate your thoughtfulness.  This is turning out to be a great birthday, thanks to all my buddies!! 
    Love ya..
    Big Virtual hugs.. 

  2. Thanks for posting Denise\’s birthday, I\’ve already stopped by and wished her a Happy Birthday….

  3. I\’m going to go right over and wish Denise a happy birthday!!

  4. Happy Birthday Denise!

  5.                *hugs*                         *hugs*       *kisses* *kisses*       *kisses* *kisses*     *hugs*          *hugs*  *hugs*          *hugs*  *kisses*              *kisses*              *kisses*   *hugs*                *hugs*               *hugs*     *kisses*                                   *kisses*        *hugs*                               *hugs*           *kisses*                      *kisses*               *hugs*                *hugs*                  *kisses*         *kisses*                     *hugs*     *hugs*                            *kisses*                             *hugs*                               4 u                                 !

  6. Tom told me the same thing….and I couldn\’t figure out where to go to look and see if I had IE6 or IE7.  I looked all over the place and couldn\’t find anywhere that shows IE.  Were you able to get in with IE6??
    P.S.  I did a virus scan and everything is OK…so it\’s not a virus.


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