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Talking about Rescuing canine victims of war

Poor puppies, anyone want a new pet?  



Rescuing canine victims of war

Sept. 24: From Lebanon, there is good news about a group of innocent victims of the recent war — stray dogs. NBC’s Jim Maceda reports.


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  1. Awwwwwwww, I\’d love to have a second dachshund, but since I can\’t take care of it myself, it\’s out of the question. Glad to see there are people like you, Wendy, to rescue at least some of the homeless animals there, especially the dogs!

  2. There are always unseen victims of war, and it usually the animals. Makes me sad.

  3. Good point made. We don\’t tend to think of the animals in a war zone, do we? What a shame. It is so sad. 😦

  4. Just downloaded my Humane Society Volunteer Application Form.  I can\’t bring them home but hopefully, I can make a difference in their lives at the shelter.  Looking forward to it.

  5. You\’re killing me!!  That puppy is so cute!
    Manny would disown me if I brought up a puppy.  Or even another cat.

  6. 不错 !
    Have a wonderful weekend girl!!

  7. 110 fired and 65 found their mark. Not enough for that piece of human debrie. Now for better thoughts: Hug to U 2

  8. pardon; that is \’debris\’.

  9.        Hello ,
    We saved a greyhound galgo from spain ,
    she lives with us for a year already ,
    she is a dog with such a big heart ,
    the best friend in life …
    People dont always realize that a dog can have feelings  …
    Hope to hear from you soon …
                                        Take care ,
                                    Anne – catherine *

  10.     Hello ,
     Thank you for comming on my space .
     I am back to answer your comment .
     I lived in Miami and go each year to visit my father .
     I live in France ( Alsace )
     It\’s at the border of Germany .
     Hope to hear from you soon on Msn
     We have sure alot to talk about …
                                     Take care ,
                                 Anne – catherine *

  11. Stepmonster... some call me wicked

    I sure wish I had room for another puppy…..we\’re already breaking the law by having one too many dogs….


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