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The King and I – Coincidences

Coincidences. Tom and I always joked about putting this list together. Most were in the month of Aug-05 so for ease go to the whole month page. 
1.!5A6A47DD314F0710!905.entry If first found the King’s Space when I wanted to add music to my Space. He was being featured on "What’s Your Story?". I did get the music going and went back to thank him and learned of his contest. I had just booked tickets for my sister, Kim, and I to fly to Buffalo for a family reunion. His headline read:
August 18



My comment was:

I’ll be in Buffalo – Will I see you there? JK

Thanks for your help and love your space!

August 18 1:54:25 PM

So when I went back the next day:

VACATION CONTEST CLUE #2!5A6A47DD314F0710!935.entry


OK so we were going the same days to the same city. Big city. He was a little upset that i had just blown his whole week of clues and contest entries.

2.!5A6A47DD314F0710!935.entry So we compared notes. Where are you going? I was born in Buffalo but raised in a little village called Hamburg. Both my parents grew up there.

This is getting weirder by the minute.
The same town? Yep, you got it, we were going to the same village staying only 4 miles apart.
I stopped at my friend Ben’s last night.  I knew he lived in Buffalo at one time.

My cousin? Tom’s friend Ben knew my cousin, the butcher. Tom even told me his name. We met at one of the oldest bars in Hamburg, Mamosser’s. I can remember as a kid going there with my mom and playing the tabletop bowling game. My contest prize was a wooden box he had made. My father was actually impressed with it.  

The Meeting!5A6A47DD314F0710!1050.entry


BUFFALO PT2  Another weird coincidence…TRL…

TRL lives where? One of the King’s knights lives only 20 minutes from me. He is actually closer when we are at work.

5.!5A6A47DD314F0710!2540.entry Before leaving for Hamburg, my boss mandated I schedule out my remaining vacation days. I took some time in November. While in Hamburg, Tom told me about his trip planned to Ft Myers. The same weekend I was on vacation.  Check out the month Nov-05 for his full trip. What was really cool is it was first time with guest bloggers.

6. We later found out we started our Space on the same day in April.

7. Well maybe not coincidence but similarities (?) we listen to the same music, love pizza and beer, enjoy numbers and found Kakuro puzzles, our birthdays are both in May meaning we are both Taurus.

8. The day Tom passed I changed my profile picture. The one I had was a crop of the two of us in Hamburg. The picture always reminded me of having a great time.

9. The Spaces convention he helped organized and was so looking forward to is being held on the same day of his memorial in AZ.


Spacees if you have a tribute to the King on your Space, please let me know. I am assembling a book for his mother who I am sure doesn’t get online much. I think it would make her happy to know how many people really loved King Tom. If you have seen me stop by, I may have captured it already. But let me know.

To all those at the convention, honor him tonight with a raised glass and a toast and try not to cry. He knows he was loved, lived a good life although too short for us and we know he is in heaven looking down and smiling.


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  1. I still find it so hard to believe that he\’s gone.  One day he\’s blogging and happy and just being "King Tom" and the next day he\’s gone.  And they still don\’t know why.  My heart just aches for Yu Yi…..she is so sad.
    I don\’t know if you got the tribute that I had on my space for Tom.  I hope so.  I know his mother will love getting a book like that.  It\’s such a sweet idea.  You\’re very sweet.

  2. Wendy, I have a drink in hand and am toasting him. These rembrances by you of him are fantastic. From reading many items about him on various spaces I can see he was loved by many. And appropriately so. How nice that you had so many things you shared with him.

  3. My I please post this here.?
    If not, please delete…
    It is better to shoot the messenger, than fix the problem!
    Regarding the Spaces Live site (The Walk About) 
    Tuea TV is off the air!My site was shut down by MSN with out warning…I believe it was due to my shining a very bright light, into they\’re darkest corner! I had written a post about MSN lowering the sign up age for Spaces to 13yrs old, down from 18yrs old…I also posted a complaint on the MSN site (The space craft) about the multitude ofAdult, & sexually explicit sites on  MSN Spaces Live.
    I followed the MSN protocol for reporting Pornographic sites, and all I ever got in return was a case #…After waiting 3 weeks for the Adult site to be shut down, I took matters into my own hands, and built a list called (MSN Wall of Shame). In this list, I posted all of the Adult themed, and pornographic sites I found on Spacesin my Daily travels.My (MSN Wall of Shame) list had grown to almost 60 sites be for I was shut down!If you missed the post I wrote, and the list (MSN Wall of Shame), here is a link. Click here to see my post, and list. Or copy and paste the below line into your browser. Please read the post (What is your Malfunction) it is the last post on the page, and the (MSN Wall of Shame) lower right side of the page…I believe it was easier for MSN to stop my list, than to address the problem!
    P.S. The adult sites are still up and running, mine has been shut down!  TueaIf you wish to contact me…

  4. Hi Rosebay,  You guys sure did have a lot in common.  It\’s not often to find two people going to the same town at the same time, you guys just had to meet.  His passing is still hard to believe, it was too soon.  I hope the convention went as well as it could considering, he would have liked everyone to have a good time.  Do you think someone will carry on the convention idea?  It\’s a great way to get to meet spaces friends. 
    Have a wonderful Sunday!

  5. Hi Rosebay!
    The MSN Spacers who are participating (8) in the 1st Annual MSN Spacers convention met last night at the Flamingo Hotel and Casino here in Las Vegas. I posted an article about it last night when I got home. We had a wonderful time, and I think we all felt it was a fitting tribute to the King.
    I would be honored if you were to copy/cut and paste the entry to send to the family, if you think it worthy.
    There are links in the article to all of the other folks who are here as well.
    How fortunate you are to have actually met with Tom.
    I envy you that, just a little bit.

  6. Stepmonster... some call me wicked

    King Tom was one of the first blogs I visited when I started this thing…. I only started my blog as a way to vent that noone that I know would see and I found, as a coincidence, a lot of people that I looked forward to checking in with.  King TOm was always one of the first visits I would make because he made me laugh… he was a smartass and i loved it….. this little blogland is so bizarre to connect with someone that you never would have otherwise.

  7. Wow.  That\’s unbelievable.  The Mayor of ZwebbyVille was in NYC on Friday so we went to a pizza joint, had some pizza and drinks and made a toast to KT.  Our glasses held high.

  8. Wendy – It\’s been a few weeks since I\’ve been online long enough to blog walk and was stunned to learn about King Tom.  I am so so very sorry!!!!!!  I could tell that you two were close and now knowing all the coincidences and similarities, it\’s really very cool and apparently inevitable that you two became such good friends.  I am very sorry at his sudden passing and my heart goes out to his wife who couldn\’t even come to the states for his funeral.   Such a sad story. <<insert pouting lip and sad face>>
    I\’m sending big big hugs to you.

  9. Hi Rosebay, Thanks for including that post in your tribute.  I don\’t know if you have this one too, but Deb and KT met in Illinois back in August.  She has a great top ten list right HERE.
    It\’s still hard for me to not get choked up reading some of the entries about him and seeing some of the pictures from Vegas.  He was quite the man.  Cindy


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