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I wish you

I wish you…

  In your busy life, I wish you 
          A bit of adventure
        Fine Health and exercise
          Moments to reflect
      the chance to help others,
          and peacefull dreams
           Good Looks
      Someone to dance with
           Dear Friends to trust,
    and the comfort of real love,
But most of all, I send you a lot of
                Bear Hugs!

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  1. Hey woman.. many, many, many bear and virtual hugs to you!!

  2. LOL….Love the pics and I love the video.  You just have the best stuff….I know I\’ve said that before but it "bears" repeating.  Get it??  "Bears"??….oh, I\’m so witty….lol.
    I\’m glad you liked my story.  I love a lot of those inspirational stories about God….but I\’m not a believer….so I try to show people that it can apply to everyone, no matter what religion you are.  Sure wish I could teach the whole world that lesson.

  3. Awwwwwwwwwwwww..How cute, !!!!!!!!!!
    Thank you for everything .

  4. Thanks for the smile :o) 
    and thanks for the past few entries.

  5. Wishing you many bear hugs now and in the forever hereafter

  6. Awwww…..thank you for the big "bear" hugs (there goes that word again…lol) and the support.  I\’m feeling much better today. 

  7. Hi, Lady!  It was so great to chat the other night–I\’m sorry we had to hang up so quickly–Usually Jonathan\’s home lots earlier so I didn\’t expect all of the hullaballoo.  🙂 
    It\’s nice to have posts back to "normal…"  🙂  It feels weird to move on, though, huh?  🙂


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