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Queen Rose

Queen Rose is trying her best to be in AZ by the weekend. I had the pleasure to talk with her today through messenger. She truly is a wonderful person and misses her Tom so very much. Please keep positive thoughts for her safe arrival.
From Rose:

rose says:

Tom said he never sung songs,but last day, he sang songs, so happy, he made me laugh and laugh.

 It is nice to know he was so happy he was singing.

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  1. Hi Rose:  This is just such a terrible tragedy.  My heart goes out to Yu Yi.

  2. Hey Rose, I got you comment on my space.  And thank you.  Are you coming to Vegas?  If so please contact me via email.  My email address is live with the EZ on this post and also on my space.

  3. Thank you so much Rose. You are so kind.

  4. What a beautiful picture of king Tom and his Rose. Thank you for coming by and leavng a comment on the death of King Tom. The tribute truned out really nicely. It was such a sad day. I wish you a happy Tuesday. ^S^

  5. Thank you for sharing part of your convesation and helping keep us all updated.WR

  6. Thank you for this entry…I cried when I read that last part about him singing because he was so happy….I hope he\’s still singing now…
    HUGS!!  🙂

  7. I did not see this entry before… I love that picture!!  Yes, it was good our king was happy and singing, I hope that Rose can come over.  I will keep thinking it will work out just fine.  I have talked to her via IM also and she is very nice and very sad. 
    Take care my friend.. have a great day.
    Virtual hugs.


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