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Farwell to The King

Loved by all I will miss you
King Tom
I am very sorry to announce that Tom, better known as the King has passed on.   He died in his sleep. 

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  1. Hey Wendy, I\’m sorry to hear about the King! Where was the photo taken? BTW, love the profile photo!

  2. Rosebay… not much to say… except he will be sorely missed.  I was really looking forward to meeting him in Vegas.  I am sorry for your (our) loss my friend.
    Take care.. virtual hugs..

  3. so very sad – he will be missed!

  4. I love this photo.  I remember it from last year.  It\’s a really good one of him.  You are so lucky to have this photo of the two of you to post.  Unfortunately, many of us will miss out on the same opportunity we expected to have next weekend her in Vegas.  I was REALLY looking forward to meeting him next week.  I was such a mess when I heard that I had to pull over~ 

  5. I was just in shock when I heard about Tom.  It\’s a very sad day indeed.  He will be greatly missed.  He had many, many friends in blogland and he was always so sweet and kind and funny.  I feel so bad for Rose…..she didn\’t even get a chance to be with him.  That photo will be a wonderful keepsake for you.

  6. I\’m so sorry to hear this news.  You must be very sad.  I know he was very popular and will be missed by many.  It hasn\’t even been a month since Marc passed away, I don\’t think I\’ll ever stop missing him.  The nice thing is that we will keep their memories alive through our blogs.

  7. So he didn\’t call back………..  😦
    He wasn\’t old, either!  I mean, he is a vibrant guy, full of fun and mischeviousness!!!  I wonder what HE thinks about it being his time to leave this world…  If we could talk to him right now, I wonder what he\’d say…  I know he\’ll miss garage saling… And isn\’t this just before the Vegas trip?  Do you know if everybody\’s still going in memoriam?  I certainly hope so–I know he\’d want it that way.  *sigh*
    On a less somber note, I\’m LOVING this RSS feed!  I can see in bold when you\’ve updated your blog and exactly what you\’ve updated!  I\’m thinking of you–lots, actually.  And I have this gut feeling it\’s not just because of Tom\’s passing…  Shoot off an e-mail to me when you have a few minutes and give me an update!

  8. It\’s good to be King! Although not well known, it seems many will miss the \’king\’ and I\’m one too, \’to go to that place time to time\’. Rest in Peace

  9. Tom has been on my mind since I heard the news. His passing really shows what a tight blogging community we have.  Some of us have never met, but we respect the friendship none the less. I will miss reading his blogs.  That is a wonderful photo that you have.
    I\’ve meaning to ask you since my Tampa post…did you mean the sky way bridge, cuz if so we went across it, just so i can take some pictures.  i\’ll post them soon. 

  10. Dear Rose:
    My heart aches with the sorrow you are feeling and living at this moment.   I am very sorry, Rose, for your loss.  My prayers will be with you.

  11. I am blown away by this news Rosebay; sincerely blown away. It is so interesting how connected we can be with people we haven\’t met in person. And you. You haved met him. You have enjoyed him. The King will be remembered by so many. God bless you Wenday and big HUGS to you and Tom\’s.

  12. I am very sorry to hear of this loss. It really makes me wish I had known him.
    Take care.

  13. Thank you for posting a obit, we were to meet next week, and well, the obit provides me w/some closure of Tom.  Thank you for the post.

  14. I LOVE the new pictures!!!  Well, they\’re not exactly new, but they\’re in a new good place.  🙂  There were a couple I don\’t remember having seen before… and I hadn\’t seen any of the Tiki(?) place…  🙂


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